"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 11 (2005), Number 8

Mathematical Problems in Navigation and Motion Control
Part 2

Y. Aoustin, A. Formal'sky, C. Chevallereau
Virtual quadruped: mechanical design, control, simulation, and experimentation 5-28
Yu. G. Martynenko
Motion control of mobile wheeled robots 29-80
Yu. F. Golubev
Neuron networks in mechatronics 81-103
V. N. Zhermolenko
Singular sets and dynamic properties of bilinear control systems 105-117
Yu. V. Bolotin, S. N. Morgunova
Observability with bearing-only observations and smoothness of attainable set 119-130
L. Ju. Blazhennova-Mikulich
On some problems in geometric games theory 131-137
E. S. Manuilovich, O. Yu Cherkasov
Optimization of the proportional navigation law with time delay 139-147
D. I. Bugrov
Single-axis vibratory gyroscope 149-163
V. A. Sadovnichy, V. V. Alexandrov, S. S. Lemak, S. S. Pozdnyakov
Accuracy testing of control for an astronaut saver 165-174
E. A. Muratova, A. G. Yakushev
Three-neuron model of compensatory eye-movements in response to vestibular stimulation 175-193
V. I. Dotsenko, E. A. Egorova, G. R. Kaspranskaya, E. A. Muratova, A. F. Suchalkina, A. G. Yakushev
Experimental studying and mathematic modeling of vestibular nystagmus in healthy people and in patients with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis 195-204
N. V. Kulikovskaya, V. I. Kurilov, S. A. Davydkin
A mathematical model of information transfer in the ribbon synapses 205-221

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