"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 11 (2005), Number 5

Proceedings of the International Conference
"Geometric Topology, Discrete Geometry, and Set Theory"
dedicated to the centenary of Professor L. V. Keldysh
(Moscow, August 24--28, 2004)
Part 2

S. V. Allionov
Arrow-diagram formulas for fourth-order invariants of knots 3-17
S. A. Antonyan
New topological models for Banach--Mazur compacta 19-31
M. Boege, L. Montejano
Configuration spaces of n lines in affine (n+k)-space 33-45
O. N. Biryukov
A bound for the topological entropy of homeomorphisms of a punctured two-dimensional disk 47-55
Vu Huynh, T. T. Q. Lê
On the colored Jones polynomial and the Kashaev invariant 57-78
A. M. Gurin
Partition of Euclidean space into polyhedra induced by a small deformation of the densest lattice sphere packing 79-84
V. N. Karpushkin
Estimates of sums of zero multiplicities for eigenfunctions of the Laplace--Beltrami operator 85-90
F. Korablev
Classification of Heegaard diagrams of genus three 91-97
Sh. Kuroki
On SL(3,R)-actions on 4-spheres 99-105
G. Lippner, A. Szucs
A new proof of the Herbert multiple-point formula 107-116
Ju. T. Lisica
Theory of spectral sequences. II 117-149
J. Mycielski
Pure mathematics and physical reality (continuity and computability) 151-168
I. L. Pokrovski
Implicit functional and eigenvalue problems 169-186
A. P. Poyarkov
Random packings by cubes 187-196
I. V. Savel'ev
Semifree actions on spheres 197-207
E. G. Sklyarenko
A topological version of the argument principle and Rouche's theorem 209-223
M. A. Filatova
Resolvability of Lindelöf spaces 225-231
K. Hrbacek
Some remarks on nonstandard theory of classes 233-255
M. A. Stan'ko
To the Markov theorem on algorithmic nonrecognizability of manifolds 257-259

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