"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 11 (2005), Number 3

Proceedings of the International Algebraic Conference
on the Occasion of the 250th Anniversary of Moscow State University
and the 75th Anniversary of the Department of Algebra
(Moscow, May 26 -- June 2, 2004)
Part 4

A. N. Alahmadi, S. K. Jain, P. Kanwar, J. B. Srivastava
Group algebras in which complements are summands 3-11
J. Almeida
Profinite groups associated with weakly primitive substitutions 13-48
M. I. García, M. D. Magret, S. Tarragona
A criterion for structural stability of quadruples of matrices related to singular linear systems 49-56
A. S. Dzhumadil'daev
Zinbiel algebras under q-commutator 57-78
O. V. Efimovskaya
Factorization of loop algebras over so(4) and integrable nonlinear differential equations 79-94
A. S. Ismagilova
A homomorphism of the group GL2(R) 95-108
A. V. Kartashova
An analogue of McKenzie's theorem for topology lattices of finite algebras 109-117
S. V. Larin
On a problem from the Kourovka Notebook 119-125
A. A. Lashkhi
Ring geometries and their lattices 127-137
E. E. Marenich, V. G. Kumarov
Inversion of matrices over a pseudocomplemented lattice 139-154
P. Puusemp
Groups of order 24 and their endomorphism semigroups 155-172
W. Rump
Infinite rank representations of orders in nonsemisimple algebras, and module categories 173-187
L. Hammoudi
Nil-algebras and infinite groups 189-200
A. V. Tsarev
Pseudorational rank of a quotient divisible group 201-213
S. I. Tsupiy
Quivers of semi-maximal rings 215-223

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