"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 10 (2004), Number 4

Proceedings of the International Algebraic Conference
on the Occasions of the 250th Anniversary of Moscow State University
and the 75th Anniversary of the Department of Algebra
(Moscow, May 26 -- June 2, 2004)
Part 2

A. A. Alieva, A. E. Guterman
Rank permutability and additive operators preserving related rank product conditions 3-14
B. Bazigaran, S. T. Glavatsky, A. V. Mikhalev
Topological prime radical of a group 15-22
A. N. Vaulin
On one variety of alternative algebras 23-34
Yu. G. Prokhorov, A. B. Verëvkin
The Riemann--Roch theorem on surfaces with log terminal singularities 35-42
G. V. Voskresenskaya
On the problem of classification of finite groups associated to multiplicative h-products 43-64
A. I. Generalov, N. V. Kosmatov
Projective resolutions and Yoneda algebras for algebras of dihedral type: the family D(3Q) 65-89
E. S. Golod
On noncommutative Gröbner bases over rings 91-96
N. M. Zhukavets, I. P. Shestakov
Free Malcev superalgebra on one odd generator and related superalgebras 97-106
A. V. Mikhalev, E. V. Ovchinnikova, A. A. Palyutin, A. A. Stepanova
Model-theoretic properties of regular polygons 107-157
A. E. Pentus, M. R. Pentus
Object-oriented representation of hierarchical graphs 159-170
A. G. Pinus
On the implicit conditional operations defined on pseudouniversal classes 171-182
A. V. Pukhlikov
Fano direct products as rationally connected fibrations 183-206
I. Ju. Sviridova
An upper bound for the index of multiplicities in the cocharacters of PI-algebras 207-223
M. H. Hosseini
Hölder rigidity for matrices 225-233
A. L. Shmelkin, A. V. Syrtsov
On embeddings of some quotient algebras of free sums of Lie algebras 235-241

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