"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 10 (2004), Number 1

Geometry of Integrable Models

Preface 3-4
L. V. Bogdanov, B. G. Konopelchenko, A. Moro
Symmetry constraints for real dispersionless Veselov--Novikov equation 5-15
R. Vitolo, G. Saccomandi
Null Lagrangians for nematic elastomers 17-28
D. K. Demskoi, S. Ya. Startsev
On construction of symmetries from integrals of hyperbolic partial differential systems 29-37
O. V. Efimovskaya, V. V. Sokolov
Decompositions of the loop algebra over so(4) and integrable models of the chiral equation type 39-47
A. S. Ivanova
Electromagnetic waves that admit translations along the null vector 49-56
A. V. Kiselev
Methods of geometry of differential equations in analysis of integrable models of field theory 57-165
L. Martina
Exotic Galileian group in field theory 167-173
M. V. Pavlov
The Boussinesq equation and Miura type transformations 175-182
M. A. Parinov
Classes of Maxwell spaces that admit subgroups of the Poincaré group 183-237
M. Pobořil
A new hyperbolic equation possessing a zero-curvature representation 239-241
A. Sergyeyev
On the classification of conditionally integrable evolution systems in (1+1) dimensions 243-253
V. A. Yumaguzhin
Finite-type integrable geometric structures 255-269

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