"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 8 (2002), Number 1

Research Papers

A. G. Baskakov
Splitting of perturbated differential operators with unbounded operator coefficients 1-16
I. H. Bekker, V. N. Nedov
About determinableness of an Abelian group by its holomorph in the class of all Abelian groups 17-25
A. Yu. Golubkov
The tracing of external and internal representation functions of continuous functions of several variables by superposition of continuous functions of one variable 27-38
A. A. Gorsky, B. Ya. Lokshin
A mathematical model of goods production and sale for production supervision and planning 39-45
A. S. Gosteva, N. Ch. Krutitskaya, P. A. Krutitskii
A mixed problem in a magnetized semiconductor film with two periodic systems of cuts 47-60
V. L. Kovalev
Catalytical surface boundary conditions for Martian atmospheric entry 61-69
V. G. Konovalov
A mathematical model of the DQDB protocol 71-83
M. B. S. Laporta, D. I. Tolev
On the sum of squares of five prime numbers one of which belongs to an arithmetic progression 85-96
A. V. Latyshev, A. V. Moiseev
The boundary-value problem for the equations of radiation transfer of polarized light 97-115
A. A. Makhnev
On pseudogeometrical graphs for some partial geometries 117-127
S. D. Mechveliani
Cost bound for LLL--Grigoryev method for factoring in GF(q)[x,y] 129-139
E. D. Nursultanov, K. S. Saidahmetov
On lower bound of the norm of integral convolution operator 141-150
D. M. Olenchikov
Impulse control of Liapunov exponents. I 151-169
D. M. Olenchikov
Impulse control of Liapunov exponents. II 171-185
H. Yu. Piliguzova
On rate of approximation of critical excursion probability for random process by moments method 187-194
L. A. Pomortsev
Algebraic interpretation of derivation axioms completeness 195-219
I. Yu. Sviridova
T-prime varieties and algebraic algebras 221-243
S. E. Stepanov
On an application of the Stokes' theorem in global Riemannian geometry 245-262
A. V. Ustinov
On some cubic equations 263-271
A. V. Khokhlov
On existence of unit in semicompact rings and topological rings with finiteness conditions 273-279
V. L. Shablov, V. A. Bilyk, Yu. V. Popov
Status of the CCC method within the frame of the rigorous many-body Coulomb scattering theory 281-287
E. V. Shaposhnikova
On vanishing of the first cohomology groups over separable Abelian groups 289-300

Short Communications

M. I. Neiman-zade, A. A. Shkalikov
On the computing of the eigenvalues of the Orr--Sommerfeld problem 301-305
Anter Ali Alsayad
$ A^{\land } $-integration of Fourier transformations 307-312
S. Chakrabarti
New algebraic structure of Steiner triple systems 313-318

All articles are published in Russian.

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