"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 7 (2001), Number 3

Research Papers

O. I. Balashov, A. I. Generalov
Projective resolutions of simple modules for a class of Frobenius algebras 637-650
I. I. Bogdanov
The Nagata--Higman theorem for hemirings 651-658
Z. V. Bulatov
On precise with respect to the height estimates of certain linear forms 659-671
V. Sh. Darsalia
On the bases of functional systems of polynomials 673-682
E. E. Demidov
Schur pairs, non-commutative deformation of the Kadomtsev--Petviashvili hierarchy and skew differential operators 683-698
A. Ya. Dorogovtsev
Periodic in the law solutions of the boundary value problem for heat equation 699-712
A. S. Doumov
On the complexity of figure growing in homogeneous structures 713-720
S. V. Ekisheva
Limit theorems for sample quantiles of associated random sequences 721-734
Yu. V. Zaika
Integral observation operators of nonlinear dynamical systems 735-760
M. D. Kovalenko
About Borel transformation in the class W of quasi-integral functions 761-774
I. B. Kozhukhov
On potential properties of a semigroup connected with generation of one-sided congruences 775-782
B. O. Kuliev
Fuzzy coalition structures and some particular cases: Stackelberg and Cournot structures 783-796
S. V. Lapin
L-theory for local systems of homotopy coalgebras and the exact sequence for surgery 797-828
Yu. G. Nikonorov
On the asymptotic of the mean value points for some finite difference operators 829-838
A. G. Pinus
On faithful conditional identities and conditionally complete conditional varieties 839-847
S. V. Pchelintsev
The structure of weak identities on the Grassman envelopes of central-metabelian alternative superalgebras of superrank 1 over a field of characteristic 3 849-871
V. N. Remeslennikov
The dimension of algebraic sets over a free metabelian group 873-885
A. P. Solodov
Riemann-type definition for the restricted Denjoy--Bohner integral 887-895
M. N. Trushina
Irreducible alternative superbimodules over the simple alternative superalgebra B(1,2) 897-908
D. V. Juriev
Octonions and binocular mobilevision 909-924

Short Communications

G. G. Amosov
An approximation modulo s2 of isometrical operators and cocycle conjugacy of endomorphisms of the CAR algebra 925-930
S. A. Antonian
Extension of the pseudo-compact group actions 931-934
V. V. Dubrovskii, E. M. Gugina
A new approach to Fourier method in mixed problem for one singular differential operator 935-938
A. V. Zhuchin
Local contracted semigroup rings 939-944
O. M. Lar'kina
On the identities of the product of normal subgroups 945-949

Mathematical Life

The 60th anniversary of A. S. Mishchenko 951-952

All articles are published in Russian.

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