"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 6 (2000), Number 4

Research Papers

E. N. Alexeeva
Analogues of the rational series in the locally convex space 955-976
O. Yu. Aristov
On tensor products of strict C*-algebras 977-984
L. G. Afanassieva, E. M. Ginzburg
On ergodicity of a system with two types of interacting particles 985-993
A. M. Akhtyamov
On uniqueness of boundary conditions regeneration by the spectrum 995-1006
P. I. Guerzhoy
Jacobi forms and a two-variable p-adic L-function 1007-1021
A. Yu. Golubkov
Prime radical of elementary Chevalley group (series of classical types) 1023-1059
A. S. Gosteva, N. Ch. Krutitskaya, P. A. Krutitskii
Mixed problem in a magnetized semiconductor film with cuts along a straight line 1061-1073
V. V. Dubrovskii, A. I. Sedov
Estimation of the difference of spectral functions of the Legendre-type operators 1075-1082
O. V. Kamlovsky, A. S. Kuzmin
Bounds for the number of occurrences of elements in a linear recurring sequence over a Galois ring 1083-1094
V. F. Kirichenko
Differential geometry of principal toroidal fiber bundles 1095-1120
A. A. Kornev
On new a priori estimates for modified Navier--Stokes equations in domains with nonsmooth boundaries in three-dimensional space 1121-1129
G. Yu. Kulikov
On symmetry of some Runge--Kutta methods 1131-1140
A. A. Pavlov
Quasi-multipliers and left multipliers as strict essential extensions of C*-algebras 1141-1154
M. V. Patlasov
Propositional formulas closed in the minimal calculus 1155-1191
V. Yu. Popov
On decidability of the equational theories of ring varieties of finite characteristic 1193-1203
K. S. Ryutin
Lipshitz retractions and the operator of generalized rational approximation 1205-1220
L. M. Samoilov
A new proof of Razmyslov's theorem about trace identities of matrix superalgebras 1221-1227
K. Champagnier
Algorithms to realize the rank and primitivity of systems of elements in free non-associative algebras 1229-1238
V. V. Shchigolev
On nil- and nilpotent finitely defined algebras 1239-1245

Short Communications

I. P. Denisova
A new exact solution of Einstein--Maxwell equations 1247-1250
A. V. Kelarev, T. Stokes
Equality algebras and varieties 1251-1255
Yu. V. Kuzmin
A construction of principal ideal rings 1257-1261
T. V. Rodionov
Existence of almost everywhere convergent rearrangements of expansions with respect to systems similar to orthogonal ones 1263-1268

All articles are published in Russian.

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