"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 6 (2000), Number 3

Research Papers

V. A. Artamonov
Universal commutative Hopf algebras coacting on quantum polynomials 637-642
K. I. Beidar, S. A. Pikhtilkov
The prime radical of the special Lie algebras 643-648
A. Ya. Belov, A. A. Chilikov
Exponential Diophantine equations in rings of positive characteristic 649-668
L. A. Bokut', Yu. Fong, W.-F. Ke, P. S. Kolesnikov
Gröbner and Gröbner--Shirshov bases in algebra and conformal algebras 669-706
E. I. Bunina, A. V. Mikhalev
Elementary equivalence of linear and algebraic groups 707-722
V. F. Butuzov, A. F. Karaschuk
Asymptotics of the solution of a system of equations in partial derivatives of the first order with a small parameter at some derivatives 723-738
S. Ya. Grinshpon
Fully invariant subgroups of torsion free Abelian groups and their lattices 739-751
A. E. Guterman
Graded local rings 753-756
T. V. Dubrovina, N. I. Dubrovin
Roots in the universal covering group of the unimodular 2 ´ 2-matrix group 757-776
V. P. Elizarov
Conditions for solvability of linear equation systems over rings 777-788
E. M. Kreines, G. B. Shabat
On parasitic solutions of systems of equations on Belyi functions 789-792
P. A. Krylov
Mixed Abelian groups as modules over their endomorphism rings 793-812
T. P. Lukashenko, T. V. Rodionov
On convergence of generalized systems similar to orthogonal ones 813-829
A. E. Pentus, M. R. Pentus
Object-oriented representation of hierarchical Petri nets 831-840
Yu. V. Popov, L. U. Ancarani
On the Schrödinger equation for helium atom 841-858
M. K. Potapov
Polynomial approximation of functions defined on a finite interval of the real line 859-871
Yu. P. Razmyslov
On a conjecture of Rydberg: (e/c)/(h/e) = p/(unidentified expression) 873-874
N. V. Smetaniuk, V. I. Sushchansky
Verbal subgroups of the finitary automorphism group of a 2-adic tree 875-888
A. V. Tishchenko
A wreath product of semigroups and varieties of finite index 889-902
A. A. Tuganbaev
Projective modules over bounded Dedekind rings 903-911
D. A. Tuganbaev
Semilocal right distributive skew Laurent series rings 913-921
M. A. Chebotar
On functional identities of degree 2 in prime rings 923-938
E. E. Shirshova
Homomorphisms which preserve p-disjointness 939-952

All articles are published in Russian.

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