"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 1 (1995), number 3

Research Papers

P.P.Aristov, E.V.Chizhonkov
On some finite-difference approximations of Stokes problem 573-580
New examples of nonnegative trigonometric polynomials with integer coefficients 581-612
V.V.Belokurov, V.V.Kamchatny
Operator method of solving renormalization group equations 613-621
The functional law of the iterated logarithm for associated random fields 623-639
The main series of nonhomogeneous systems of hydrodynamic type with constant matrices possessing 1st order conservation laws 641-648
T.R.Gichev, R.K.Angelova, N.Kh.Rozov
Perturbation of linear swift processes 649-660
On the general linear group over weak Noetherian associative algebras 661-668
On the finite basis property of abstract T-spaces 669-700
Criteria of semisimplicity of skew polynomial ring 701-709
On a determinant criterion of weak-perfectness for systems of functions holomorphic in infinity and their connection with some classes of high order difference operators 711-727
Lambek calculus and formal grammars 729-751
On Jackson inequality in Lp(Td) 753-766
Noetherian semiprime rings and distributivity 767-779
V.O.Filimonenkov, G.B.Shabat
Fields of definition of rational functions of one variable with three critical values 781-799

Short Communications

On asymptotic behavior of solutions of linear high order differential equations 801-804
E.V.Loukoianova (Lukoyanova)
Recognition of definability of automata monomial algebras 805-807
One-sided nil-ideals and generalized polynomial identities of semi-prime rings 809-811
Weak graded analogues of Gauss lemma and Eisenstein criterion 813-816

Mathematical Life

2nd European Congress of Mathematics. First announcement 817-819
Satellite conferences of ECM'96 820-825

All articles are published in Russian.

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