Volume 37, pp. 351-366, 2010.

Benchmarking aggregation AMG for linear systems in CFD simulations of compressible internal flows

Maximilian Emans


The performance of parallel implementations of three fundamentally different aggregation AMG (algebraic multigrid) solvers, including novel k-cycle methods, for systems of linear equations appearing in industrial CFD simulations are examined. The results show that the k-cycle methods are a good choice for cases with less than 20000 unknowns per process if the cost of the setup tends to become critical; for most other applications, however, established methods proved to be equally efficient or superior.

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Key words

algebraic multigrid, fluid dynamics, finite volumes, pressure-velocity coupling

AMS subject classifications

15A06, 65F08, 76G25

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[20]Vol. 37 (2010), pp. 123-146 Yvan Notay: An aggregation-based algebraic multigrid method

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