Images and movies related to the paper

Stability properties of differential-algebraic equations and spin-stabilized discretizations

Peter Kunkel and Volker Mehrmann

Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis, Volume 26 (2007), pages 385-420

The following table contains links to images and movies of the stability regions for various discretization methods applied to the proposed test function.

Method Image Movie
Implicit Euler method x x
Radau IIa method s=2 x x
Radau IIa method s=3 x  
Implicit midpoint rule x x
Gauss method s=2 x  
Gauss-Lobatto method k=1 x x
Gauss-Lobatto method k=2 x  
Trapezoidal rule x  
BDF method k=2 x x

The stability regions for Example 1 of the un-stabilized implicit Euler method can be found here and of the spin-stabilized implicit Euler method can be found here.