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Experimental Mathematics: Table of Contents: Volume 14

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Experimental Mathematics

Volume 14 (2005)

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Volume 14, Issue 1

A Diophantine Property Associated with Prime Twins
by P. Shiu

Heuristics for the Whitehead Minimization Problem
by R. M. Haralick, A. D. Miasnikov, and A. G. Myasnikov

Classification of Solvable Lie Algebras
by W. A. de Graaf

Special Values of the Standard Zeta Functions for Elliptic Modular Forms
by Hidenori Katsurada

On Lower Bounds of the Density of Delone Sets and Holes in Sequences of Sphere Packings
by G. Muraz and J. -L. Verger-Gaugry

Einstein Metrics on Exotic Spheres in Dimensions 7, 11, and 15
by Charles P. Boyer, Krzysztof Galicki, János Kollár, and Evan Thomas

A New Algorithm for the Computation of Logarithmic ℓ-Class Groups of Number Fields
by Francisco Diaz y Diaz, Jean-François Jaulent, Sebastian Pauli, Michael Pohst, and Florence Soriano-Gafiuk

Forcing Relations for Homoclinic Orbits of the Smale Horseshoe Map
by Pieter Collins

The Asymptotic Distribution of Exponential Sums, II
by S. J. Patterson

A Software Package for the Numerical Integration of ODEs by Means of High-Order Taylor Methods
by Àngel Jorba and Maorong Zou

Wildly Ramified Galois Representations and a Generalization of a Conjecture of Serre
by Darrin Doud

Volume 14, Issue 2

Power Integral Bases in the Family of Simplest Quartic Fields
by Péter Olajos

Effective Reduction of Goresky-Kottwitz-MacPherson Graphs
by Charles Cochet

Discrete Periodic Geodesics in a Surface
by Anders Linnér and Robert Renka

A Computer-Based Approach to the Classification of Nilpotent Lie Algebras
by Csaba Schneider

Computations with Frobenius Powers
by Susan Hermiller and Irena Swanson

Constructing Invariants for Finite Groups
by W. Plesken and D. Robertz

On Real Quadratic Number Fields Suitable for Cryptography
by Daniel Schielzeth and Michael E. Pohst

Outer Boundaries of Self-Similar Tiles
by Shawn Drenning, Judith Palagallo, Thomas Price, and Robert S. Strichartz

Salem Numbers, Pisot Numbers, Mahler Measure, and Graphs
by James McKee and Chris Smyth

Fibred and Virtually Fibred Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds in the Censuses
by J. O. Button

Volume 14, Issue 3

On Minimal Logarithmic Signatures of Finite Groups
Wolfgang Lempken and Tran van Trung

Irrational Life
William Geller and Michal Misiurewicz

Some Computations Regarding Folukes’ Conjecture
Jurgen Müller and Max Neunhöffer
Supplementary Materials

Visializing Ricci Flow of Manifolds of Revolution
J. Hyam Rubinstein and Robert Sinclair
Supplementary Materials

The First Birkhoff Coefficient and the Stability of 2-Periodic Orbits on Billiards
Sylvie Oliffson Kamphorst and Sónia Pinto-de-Carvalho

The Iwasawa Invariants and the Higher K-Groups Associated to Real Quadratic Fields
Hiroki Sumida-Takahashi

A Comparison of Three High-Precision Quadrature Schemes
David H. Bailey, Karthik Jeyabalan, and Xiaoye S. Li

The First Bifurcation Point for Delaunay Nodoids
Wayne Rossman

Extremal Modular Lattices, McKay Thompson Series, Quadratic Iterations, and New Series for π
Kok Seng Chua

Semi-Presentations for the Sporadic Simple Groups
S. J. Nickerson and R. A. Wilson
Supplementary Materials

A The Hyperplanes of DW(5,2)
Harm Pralle

Volume 14, Issue 4

A Partial Order in the Knot Table
Teruaki Kitano and Masaaki Suzuki
Supplementary Materials

On the Congruence ax + by ≡ 1 Modulo xy
J. Brzezin’ski, W. Holsztyn’ski, and P. Kurlberg

Small Limit Points of Mahler’s Measure
David W. Boyd and Michael J. Mossinghoff

A Quick and Dirty Irreducibility Test for Multivariate Polynomials over Fq
H. -C. Graf v. Bothmer and F. -O. Schreyer

Encryption Schemes using Finite Frames and Hadamard Arrays
Ryan Harkins, Eric Weber, and Andrew Westmeyer

Generating Discrete Morse Functions from Point Data
Henry King, Kevin Knudson, and Neza Mramor

A Conjecture on Poincaré-Betti Series of Modules of Differential Operators on a Generic Hyperplane Arrangement
Jan Snellman
Supplementary Materials

Explicit Computations of Hilbert Modular Forms on ℚ(√5)
Lassina Dembélé

Dirichlet Domains for the Mostow Lattices
Martin Deraux

Orbits in the Leech Lattice
Daniel Allcock

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