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Experimental Mathematics: Articles: Volume 13

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Experimental Mathematics

Volume 13 (2004)

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Volume 13, Issue 1

On the Monotone Upper Bound Problem
by Julian Pfeifle and Günter M. Ziegler

Series of Nilpotent Orbits
by J. M. Landsberg, Laurent Manivel, and Bruce W. Westbury

The Space of Clouds in Euclidean Space
by Jean-Claude Hausmann and Eugenio Rodriguez

A Note on Pseudo-Anosov Maps with Small Growth Rate
by Peter Brinkmann

Pasting Together Julia Sets: A Worked Out Example of Mating
by John Milnor

The Waring Loci of Ternary Quartics
by Jaydeep Chipalkatti

On Polynomials of Least Deviation from Zero in Several Variables
by Yuan Xu

Approximate Squaring
by J. C. Lagarias and N. J. A. Sloane

Volume 13, Issue 2

On the Distribution of Galois Groups, II
by Gunter Malle

Computing Special Values of Motivic L-Functions
by Tim Dokchitser

Conjugacy of Subgroups of the General Linear
by Colva M. Roney-Dougal

Computing the Level of a Modular Rigid Calabi-Yau Threefold
by Luis V. Dieulefait

Small Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds With Geodesic Boundary
by Roberto Frigerio, Bruno Martelli, and Carlo Petronio

On the Vanishing of Twisted L-Functions of Elliptic Curves
by Chantal David, Jack Fearnley, and Hershy Kisilevsky

Periodic Geodesics Generator
by Anders Linnér

Numerical Results for the Metropolis Algorithm
by Persi Diaconis and J. W. Neuberger

On a Problem of Steinhaus Concerning Binary Sequences
by Shalom Eliahou and Delphine Hachez

Invariant Nonassociative Algebra Structures on Irreducible Representations of Simple Lie Algebras
by Murray Bremner and Irvin Hentzel

Volume 13, Issue 3

Explicit Presentations for Exceptional Braid Groups
by David Bessis and Jean Michel

Introducing Regina, The 3-Manifold Topology Software
by Benjamin A. Burton

The Diophantine Equation xy + yz + zx = n and Indecomposable Binary Quadratic Forms
by Meinhard Peters

On the Ramanujan AGM Fraction, I: The Real-Parameter Case
by J. Borwein, R. Crandall, and G. Fee

On the Ramanujan AGM Fraction, II: The Complex-Parameter Case
by J. Borwein and R. Crandall

SL3 (F2)-Extensions of Q and Arithmetic Cohomology Modulo 2
by Avner Ash, David Pollack, and Dayna Soares

Thaw: A Tool for Approximating Cut Loci on a Triangulation of a Surface
by Jin-ichi Itoh and Robert Sinclair

Existence of Nonelliptic mod l Galois Representations for Every l > 5
by Luis Dieulefait

On the Height of the Sylvester Resultant
by Carlos D'Andrea and Kevin G. Hare

Congruence Subgroups Associated to the Monster
by Kok Seng Chua and Mong Lung Lang

Congruence Subgroups of Groups Commensurable with PSL (2, Z) of Genus 0 and 1
by C. J. Cummins
Supplementary Tables

Volume 13, Issue 4

Construction Techniques for Cubical Complexes, Odd Cubical 4-Polytopes, and Prescribed Dual Manifolds
by Alexander Schwartz and Günter M. Ziegler

An Integral Related to the Cauchy Transform on the Sierpinski Gasket
by Xin-Han Dong and Ka-Sing Lau

Primality Tests Using Algebraic Groups
by Masanari Kida

The Residually Weakly Primitive Geometries of J3
by Dimitri Leemans

On Minimal Factorisations of Sporadic Groups
by P. E. Holmes

Testing the Logarithmic Comparison Theorem for Free Divisors
by F. J. Castro-Jiménez and J. M. Ucha-Enríquez

On the Number of Perfect Binary Quadratic Forms
by Francesca Aicardi
Supplementary Tables

An Algorithm for Finding the Veech Group of an Origami
by Gabriela Schmithüsen

On the Order of the Mertens Function
by Tadej Kotnik and Jan van de Lune

On the Asymptotic Number of Plane Curves and Alternating Knots
by Gilles Schaeffer and Paul Zinn-Justin

Experimenting with Infinite Groups, I
by Gilbert Baumslag, Sean Cleary, and George Havas
Supplementary Tables

Simultaneous Generation of Koecher and Almkvist-Granville's Apéry-Like Formulae
by T. Rivoal

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