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Experimental Mathematics: Articles: Volume 11

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Experimental Mathematics

Volume 11 (2002)

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Volume 11, issue 1

Loki: Software for Computing Cut Loci
R. Sinclair and M. Tanaka
Full Text (PDF)
The Set of Poles of a Two-Sheeted Hyperboloid
R. Sinclair and M. Tanaka
Full Text (PDF)
Elliptic Curves and Class Fields of Real Quadratic Fields: Algorithms and Evidence
H. Darmon and P. Green
Full Text (PDF)
MOP—Algorithmic Modality Analysis for Parabolic Group Actions
U. Jürgens and Gerhard Röhrle
Full Text (PDF)
Decomposable Ternary Cubics
J. V. Chipalkatti
Full Text (PDF)
A Method to Estimate the Degree of C0-Sufficiency of Analytic Functions
C. Bivià-Ausina
Full Text (PDF)
Power Integral Bases in Orders of Composite Fields
I. Gaál, P. Olajos, and M. Pohst
Full Text (PDF)
The Achilles' Heel of O(3,1)?
W. Floyd, B. Weber, and J. Weeks
Full Text (PDF)
Calculating Canonical Distinguished Involutions in the Affine Weyl Groups
T. Chmutova and V. V. Ostrik
Full Text (PDF)
The d-Dimensional Gauss Transformation: Strong Convergence and Lyapunov Exponents
D. M. Hardcastle and K. Khanin
Full Text (PDF)
The Three-Dimensional Gauss Algorithm Is Strongly Convergent Almost Everywhere
D. M. Hardcastle
Full Text (PDF)
Curvature Testing in 3-Dimensional Metric Polyhedral Complexes
M. Elder and J. McCammond
Full Text (PDF)

Volume 11, issue 2

Constructing Canonical Bases of Quantized Enveloping Algebras
W. A. de Graaf
Full Text (PDF)
Algorithms for Function Fields
J. Klüners
Full Text (PDF)
Computational Aspects of Group Extensions and Their Applications in Topology
K. Dekimpe and B. Eick
Full Text (PDF)
Aliquot Sequence 3630 Ends After Reaching 100 Digits
M. Benito, W. Creyaufmüller, J. L. Varona, and P. Zimmermann
Full Text (PDF)
Deforming the Singly Periodic Genus-One Helicoid
D. Hoffmann and F. Wei
Full Text (PDF)
Regularity of Conjugacies between Critical Circle Maps: An Experimental Study
R. de la Llave and N. P. Petrov
Full Text (PDF)
On the Minimizers of the Möbius Cross Energy of Links
Z. -X. He
Full Text (PDF)
Systoles of a Family of Triangle Surfaces
U. Hamenstädt and R. Koch
Full Text (PDF)
The Forcing Relation for Horseshoe Braid Types
A. de Carvalho and T. Hall
Full Text (PDF)
On the First Two Vassiliev Invariants
S. Willerton
Full Text (PDF)
On Some Inequalities Concerning π(x)
R. Garunkštis
Full Text (PDF)
Some Computations with Hecke Rings and Deformation Rings
J. -C. Lario, R. Schoof, A. Agashe, and W. Stein
Full Text (PDF)
Polynomial Invariants and Harmonic Functions Related to Exceptional Regular Polytopes
K. Iwasaki, A. Kenma, and K. Matsumoto
Full Text (PDF)

Volume 11, issue 3

Abelian Surfaces over Finite Fields as Jacobians
D. Maisner and E. Nart with an Appendix by E. W. Howe
Full Text (PDF)
Reversible Complex Hénon Maps
C. R. Jordan, D. A. Jordan, and J. H. Jordan
Full Text (PDF)
Le critère de Beurling et Nyman pour l'hypothèse de Riemann: aspects numériques
B. Landreau et F. Richard
Full Text (PDF)
Computing a Glimpse of Randomness
C. S. Calude, M. J. Dinneen, and C. -K. Shu
Full Text (PDF)
Computing Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials for Arbitrary Coxeter Groups
F. du Cloux
Full Text (PDF)
Sur un système fibré lié à la suite des nombres premiers
A. Costé
Full Text (PDF)
Hecke Eigenvalues for Real Quadratic Fields
K. Okada
Full Text (PDF)
Kashaev's Conjecture and the Chern-Simons Invariants of Knots and Links
H. Murakami, J. Murakami, M. Okamoto, T. Takata, and Y. Yokota
Full Text (PDF)
The EKG Sequence
J. C. Lagarias, E. M. Rains, and N. J. A. Sloane
Full Text (PDF)

Volume 11, issue 4

Partitions with Parts in a Finite Set and with Parts Outside a Finite Set
Gert Almkvist
Full Text (PDF)
Symmetric Squares of Elliptic Curves: Rational Points and Selmer Groups
Neil Dummigan
Full Text (PDF)
Some Remarks on the Distribution of a Sequence Connected with ζ(½)
Christoph Baxa
Full Text (PDF)
Noncyclotomic ℤp-Extensions of Imaginary Quadratic Fields
Takashi Fukuda
Keiichi Komatsu
Full Text (PDF)
On the Computation of Nonhyperbolic Fixed Points
Mário M. Graça
Full Text (PDF)
Computing the Modular Degree of an Elliptic Curve
Mark Watkins
Full Text (PDF)
Explicit Determination of the Images of the Galois Representations Attached to Abelian Surfaces with End(A)= ℤ
Luis V. Dieulefait
Full Text (PDF)
Computing Amoebas
Thorsten Theobald
Full Text (PDF)
Random Generators and Normal Numbers
David H. Bailey
Richard E. Crandall
Full Text (PDF)
Yet More Projective Curves over F2
Chris Lomont
Full Text (PDF)
The Splitting of Primes in Division Fields of Elliptic Curves
W. Duke
Á. Tóth
Full Text (PDF)
Analogues of Weyl’s Formula for Reduced Enveloping Algebras
J. E. Humphreys
Full Text (PDF)
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