ELA Volume 7 (2000)

  1. Shaun M. Fallat, Charles R. Johnson and Ronald L. Smith, The general totally positive matrix completion problem with few unspecified entries, pp. 1-20.

  2. Gustavo Corach, Alejandra Maestripieri and Demetrio Stojanoff, Polar decomposition under perturbations of the scalar product, pp. 21-29.

  3. Stephen J. Kirkland, Dale D. Olesky and Pauline van den Driessche, Digraphs with large exponent, pp. 30-40.

  4. Oren Kolman, Almost disjoint families: an application to linear algebra, pp. 41-52.

  5. Reinhard Nabben, A class of inverse M-matrices, pp. 53-58.

  6. Valeriy Fayziev, On the group GL(2,R[x]), pp. 59-72.

  7. Natalia Bebiano, Chi-Kwong Li and Joao da Providencia, Generalized numerical ranges of permanental compounds arising from quantum systems of bosons, pp. 73-91.

  8. Shaun M. Fallat and Pauline van den Driessche, On matrices with all minors negative, pp. 92-99.

  9. Nir Cohen and Stefano De Leo, The quaternionic determinant, pp. 100-111.

  10. Christian Mehl, Volker Mehrmann and Hongguo Xu, Canonical forms for doubly structured matrices and pencils, pp. 112-151.

  11. Delin Chu and Volker Mehrmann, Disturbance decoupling for descriptor systems by measurement feedback, pp. 152-173.

  12. B. Sury, An elementary proof of the Hilbert-Mumford criterion, pp. 174-177.

  13. Olga Holtz, On convergence of infinite matrix products, pp. 178-181.

  14. John Maroulas, Panayiotis J. Psarrakos and Michael J. Tsatsomeros, Separable characteristic polynomials of pencils and property L, pp. 182-190.

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