Viewing and printing PS files

You must have a program on your computer which is capable of viewing and printing PS files.

Although any viewer works, we recommend using the GhostScript under both Microsoft Windows and Unix systems and the GSView front end under Microsoft Windows. To install GSView you need the GSView and GhostScript for Windows 95/NT program from it's home page. If you have Windows 3.x you can still run this program using the Win32S emulator program available on it's home page. Since there are so many Unix flavors, there is no point in publishing the executable GhostScript in all possible binary formats, you can rather download the source code of the GhostScript program from it's home page and compile it yourself.

In order to make your browser start the viewer automatically you have to set a new MIME type in your browser. If you use Netscape:

If you have Internet Explorer: If everything is set up correctly, then (when you click on a link to a PS file) your browser will dowload the PS file and start your viewer automatically. From the viewer you can now view and print the file.

If you used e-mail to download a paper in PS format, then first you need to decode the e-mail encoding you selected (MIME, BinHex, or UUEncode), if your e-mail reader did not do it already. Then you have the plain non-encoded PS file and you can start your viewer to view or print it.