Attractors for a class of doubly nonlinear parabolic systems

H. El Ouardi, E.N.S.E.M, Maroc
A. El Hachimi, University Chouaib Doukkali, El Jadida, Maroc

E. J. Qualitative Theory of Diff. Equ., No. 1. (2006), pp. 1-15.

Communicated by J. Mawhin. Received on 2004-04-19
Appeared on 2006-03-15

Abstract: In this paper, we establish the existence and boundedness of solutions of a doubly nonlinear parabolic system. We also obtain the existence of a global attractor and the regularity property for this attractor in $\left[ L^{\infty }(\Omega )\right] ^{2}$ and
${\displaystyle \prod_{i=1}^{2}}{B_{\infty }^{1+\sigma _{i},p_{i}}( \Omega )} $.

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