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Vol 19 1-2 model, dimers and clusters Abstract   PDF
Zhongyang Li
Vol 17 A comment on the Wigner-Dyson-Mehta bulk universality conjecture for Wigner matrices Abstract   PDF
László Erdős, Horng-Tzer Yau
Vol 18 A Berry-Esseen bound for the uniform multinomial occupancy model Abstract   PDF
Jay Bartroff, Larry Goldstein
Vol 19 A Brascamp-Lieb type covariance estimate Abstract   PDF
Georg Menz
Vol 14 A Brownian sheet martingale with the same marginals as the arithmetic average of geometric Brownian motion Abstract   PDF
David Baker, Marc Yor
Vol 16 A Central Limit Theorem for Random Ordered Factorizations of Integers Abstract   PDF
Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Svante Janson
Vol 16 A Central Limit Theorem for Random Walk in a Random Environment on a Marked Galton-Watson Tree. Abstract   PDF
Gabriel Faraud
Vol 10 A Central Limit Theorem for Weighted Averages of Spins in the High Temperature Region of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Model Abstract   HTML   PDF
Dmitry Panchenko
Vol 15 A Class of F-Doubly Stochastic Markov Chains Abstract   PDF
Jecek Jakubowski, Mariusz Andrzej Nieweglowski
Vol 17 A clever (self-repelling) burglar Abstract   PDF
Laure Dumaz
Vol 18 A CLT for winding angles of the arms for critical planar percolation Abstract   PDF
Changlong Yao
Vol 19 A compact containment result for nonlinear historical superprocess approximations for population models with trait-dependence Abstract   PDF
Sandra Kliem
Vol 12 A Compensator Characterization of Point Processes on TopologicalLattices Abstract   PDF
B.Gail Ivanoff, Ely Merzbach, Mathieu Plante
Vol 10 A Connection between Gaussian Processes and Markov Processes Abstract   PDF
Nathalie Eisenbaum
Vol 13 A conservative evolution of the Brownian excursion Abstract   PDF
Lorenzo Zambotti
Vol 7 A Cramér Type Theorem for Weighted Random Variables Abstract   PDF
Jamal Najim
Vol 13 A criterion for transience of multidimensional branching random walk in random environment Abstract   PDF
Sebastian Müller
Vol 18 A diffusive matrix model for invariant $\beta$-ensembles Abstract   PDF
Romain Allez, Alice Guionnet
Vol 16 A Discrete Approach to Rough Parabolic Equations Abstract   PDF
Aurélien Deya
Vol 19 A forest-fire model on the upper half-plane Abstract   PDF
Robert Graf
Vol 14 A functional approach for random walks in random sceneries Abstract   PDF
Clement Dombry, Nadine Guillotin-Plantard
Vol 14 A Functional Central Limit Theorem for a Class of Interacting Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods Abstract   PDF
Bernard Bercu, Pierre Del Moral, Arnaud Doucet
Vol 14 A Functional Combinatorial Central Limit Theorem Abstract   PDF
Andrew D Barbour, Svante Janson
Vol 19 A Gaussian limit process for optimal FIND algorithms Abstract   PDF
Henning Sulzbach, Ralph Neininger, Michael Drmota
Vol 19 A Gaussian process approximation for two-color randomly reinforced urns Abstract   PDF
Lixin Zhang
Vol 9 A General Analytical Result for Non-linear SPDE's and Applications Abstract   PDF
Laurent Denis, L. Stoica
Vol 10 A General Stochastic Maximum Principle for Singular Control Problems Abstract   PDF
Seid Bahlali, Brahim Mezerdi
Vol 12 A Generalized Ito's Formula in Two-Dimensions and Stochastic Lebesgue-Stieltjes Integrals Abstract   PDF
Chunrong Feng, Huaizhong Zhao
Vol 13 A Hölderian FCLT for some multiparameter summation process of independent non-identically distributed random variables Abstract   PDF
Vaidotas Zemlys
Vol 15 A Historical Law of Large Numbers for the Marcus-Lushnikov Process Abstract   PDF
Stephanie S.M Jacquot
Vol 19 A lognormal central limit theorem for particle approximations of normalizing constants Abstract   PDF
Jean Bérard, Pierre Del Moral, Arnaud Doucet
Vol 14 A Log-Type Moment Result for Perpetuities and Its Application to Martingales in Supercritical Branching Random Walks Abstract   PDF
Gerold Alsmeyer, Alex Iksanov
Vol 19 A lower bound for disconnection by random interlacements Abstract   PDF
Xinyi Li, Alain-Sol Sznitman
Vol 18 A lower bound for the mixing time of the random-to-random Insertions shuffle Abstract   PDF
Eliran Subag
Vol 10 A Martingale Proof of Dobrushin's Theorem for Non-Homogeneous Markov Chains Abstract   PDF
Sunder Sethuraman, Srinivasa S.R. Varadhan
Vol 10 A Matrix Representation of the Bercovici-Pata Bijection Abstract   PDF
Thierry Cabanal-Duvillard
Vol 1 A Microscopic Model for the Burgers Equation and Longest Increasing Subsequences Abstract   PDF
Timo Seppäläinen
Vol 15 A New Family of Mappings of Infinitely Divisible Distributions Related to the Goldie-Steutel-Bondesson Class Abstract   PDF
Takahiro Aoyama, Alexander Lindner, Makoto Maejima
Vol 14 A new family of Markov branching trees: the alpha-gamma model Abstract   PDF
Bo Chen, Daniel Ford, Matthias Winkel
Vol 15 A New Model for Evolution in a Spatial Continuum Abstract   PDF
Nick H Barton, Alison M Etheridge, Amandine Véber
Vol 16 A New Probability Measure-Valued Stochastic Process with Ferguson-Dirichlet Process as Reversible Measure Abstract   PDF
Jinghai Shao
Vol 2 A Non-Skorohod Topology on the Skorohod Space Abstract   PDF
Adam Jakubowski
Vol 9 A non-uniform bound for translated Poisson approximation Abstract   PDF
Andrew D Barbour, Kwok Pui Choi
Vol 16 A Note on Higher Dimensional p-Variation Abstract   PDF
Peter Friz, Nicolas Victoir
Vol 6 A Note on Krylov's $L_p$-Theory for Systems of SPDEs Abstract   PDF
R. Mikulevicius, B. Rozovskii
Vol 6 A Note on Limiting Behaviour of Disastrous Environment Exponents Abstract   PDF
Thomas S. Mountford
Vol 16 A Note on Rate of Convergence in Probability to Semicircular Law Abstract   PDF
Zhidong Bai, Jiang Hu, Guangming Pan, Wang Zhou
Vol 18 A note on the existence of solutions to Markovian superquadratic BSDEs with an unbounded terminal condition Abstract   PDF
Adrien Richou, Federica Masiero
Vol 18 A note on the Gromov-Hausdorff-Prokhorov distance between (locally) compact metric measure spaces Abstract   PDF
Romain Abraham, Jean-François Delmas, Patrick Hoscheit
Vol 16 A Note on the Probability of Cutting a Galton-Watson Tree Abstract   PDF
Luc Devroye
Vol 17 A pattern theorem for random sorting networks Abstract   PDF
Omer Angel, Vadim Gorin, Alexander E Holroyd
Vol 13 A penalized bandit algorithm Abstract   PDF
Damien Lamberton, Gilles Pagès
Vol 18 A phase transition for the limiting spectral density of random matrices Abstract   PDF
Olga Friesen, Matthias Löwe
Vol 19 A population model with non-neutral mutations using branching processes with immigration Abstract   PDF
Hongwei Bi, Jean-Francois Delmas
Vol 17 A quantitative central limit theorem for the random walk among random conductances Abstract   PDF
Jean-Christophe Mourrat
Vol 17 A quasi-sure approach to the control of non-Markovian stochastic differential equations Abstract   PDF
Marcel Nutz
Vol 18 A q-weighted version of the Robinson-Schensted algorithm Abstract   PDF
Neil O'Connell, Yuchen Pei
Vol 10 A Rate-Optimal Trigonometric Series Expansion of the Fractional Brownian Motion Abstract   PDF
Endre Iglói
Vol 19 A sequential empirical CLT for multiple mixing processes with application to $\mathcal{B}$-geometrically ergodic Markov chains Abstract   PDF
Herold Dehling, Olivier Durieu, Marco Tusche
Vol 18 A simple proof of distance bounds for Gaussian rough paths Abstract   PDF
Sebastian Riedel, Weijun Xu
Vol 9 A Singular Parabolic Anderson Model Abstract   PDF
Carl E Mueller, Roger Tribe
Vol 13 A special set of exceptional times for dynamical random walk on $Z^2$ Abstract   PDF
Gideon Amir, Christopher Hoffman
Vol 18 A splitting method for fully nonlinear degenerate parabolic PDEs Abstract   PDF
Xiaolu Tan
Vol 18 A Stationary, mixing and perturbative counterexample to the 0-1-law for random walk in random environment in two dimensions Abstract   PDF
Hadrian Heil
Vol 19 A stochastic differential equation with a sticky point Abstract   PDF
Richard Bass
Vol 11 A Stochastic Fixed Point Equation Related to Weighted Branching with Deterministic Weights Abstract   PDF
Gerold Alsmeyer, Uwe Rösler
Vol 7 A Stochastic Two-Point Boundary Value Problem Abstract   PDF
S. J. Luo, John B. Walsh
Vol 13 A tail inequality for suprema of unbounded empirical processes with applications to Markov chains Abstract   PDF
Radoslaw Adamczak
Vol 16 A Theory of Hypoellipticity and Unique Ergodicity for Semilinear Stochastic PDEs Abstract   PDF
Martin Hairer, Jonathan C Mattingly
Vol 19 A variance inequality for Glauber dynamics applicable to high and low temperature regimes Abstract   PDF
Florian Völlering
Vol 18 A Williams decomposition for spatially dependent superprocesses Abstract   PDF
Jean-François Delmas, Olivier Hénard
Vol 16 A $W^1_2$-Theory of Stochastic Partial Differential Systems of Divergence Type on $C^1$ Domains Abstract   PDF
Lee Kijung, Kim Kyeong-Hun
Vol 18 Absolute continuity and convergence of densities for random vectors on Wiener chaos Abstract   PDF
Ivan Nourdin, David Nualart, Guillaume Poly
Vol 3 Almost All Words Are Seen In Critical Site Percolation On The Triangular Lattice Abstract   PDF
Harry Kesten, Vladas Sidoravicius, Yu Zhang
Vol 1 Almost Sure Exponential Stability of Neutral Differential Difference Equations with Damped Stochastic Perturbations Abstract   PDF
Xiao Xin Liao, Xuerong Mao
Vol 16 Almost Sure Localization of the Eigenvalues in a Gaussian Information Plus Noise Model. Application to the Spiked Models. Abstract   PDF
Philippe Loubaton, Pascal Vallet
Vol 10 Alpha-Stable Branching and Beta-Coalescents Abstract   PDF
Matthias Birkner, Jochen Blath, Marcella Capaldo, Alison M. Etheridge, Martin Möhle, Jason Schweinsberg, Anton Wakolbinger
Vol 14 Amplitude Equation for SPDEs with Quadratic Non-Linearities Abstract   PDF
Dirk Blömker, Wael w mohammed
Vol 18 An almost sure CLT for stretched polymers Abstract   PDF
Dmitry Ioffe, Yvan Velenik
Vol 10 An Almost Sure Invariance Principle for Renormalized Intersection Local Times Abstract   PDF
Richard F. Bass, Jay Rosen
Vol 9 An asymptotic expansion for the discrete harmonic potential Abstract   PDF
Gady Kozma, Ehud Schreiber
Vol 17 An asymptotically Gaussian bound on the Rademacher tails Abstract   PDF
Iosif Pinelis
Vol 18 An ergodic theorem for the frontier of branching Brownian motion Abstract   PDF
Louis-Pierre Arguin, Anton Bovier, Nicola Kistler
Vol 4 An Extended Generator and Schrödinger Equations Abstract   PDF
Ronald K. Getoor
Vol 19 An invariance principle for Brownian motion in random scenery Abstract   PDF
Yu Gu, Guillaume Bal
Vol 18 An invariance principle for random walk bridges conditioned to stay positive Abstract   PDF
Francesco Caravenna, Loïc Chaumont
Vol 19 An Itô type formula for the fractional Brownian motion in Brownian time Abstract   PDF
Ivan Nourdin, Raghid Zeineddine
Vol 13 Another look at the moment method for large dimensional random matrices Abstract   PDF
Arup Bose, Arnab Sen
Vol 17 Anticipating linear stochastic differential equations driven by a Lévy process Abstract   PDF
Jorge A. Leon, David Márquez-Carreras, Josep Vives
Vol 18 Approximating the epidemic curve Abstract   PDF
Andrew David Barbour, Gesine Reinert
Vol 4 Approximating Value Functions for Controlled Degenerate Diffusion Processes by Using Piece-Wise Constant Policies Abstract   PDF
N. V. Krylov
Vol 8 Approximation at First and Second Order of $m$-order Integrals of the Fractional Brownian Motion and of Certain Semimartingales Abstract   PDF
Mihai Gradinaru, Ivan Nourdin
Vol 16 Approximation by the Dickman Distribution and Quasi-Logarithmic Combinatorial Structures Abstract   PDF
Andrew D Barbour, Bruno Nietlispach
Vol 17 Approximative solutions of best choice problems Abstract   PDF
Andreas Faller, Ludger Rüschendorf
Vol 18 Assortativity and clustering of sparse random intersection graphs Abstract   PDF
Mindaugas Bloznelis, Jerzy Jaworski, Valentas Kurauskas
Vol 14 Asymptotic Analysis for Bifurcating AutoRegressive Processes via a Martingale Approach Abstract   PDF
Bernard Bercu, Benoîte de Saporta, Anne Gégout-Petit
Vol 16 Asymptotic Analysis for Stochastic Volatility: Edgeworth Expansion Abstract   PDF
Masaaki Fukasawa
Vol 18 Asymptotic behavior of some statistics in Ewens random permutations Abstract   PDF
Valentin Féray
Vol 11 Asymptotic Behaviour of the Simple Random Walk on the 2-dimensional Comb Abstract   PDF
Daniela Bertacchi
Vol 9 Asymptotic Distributions and Berry-Esseen Bounds for Sums of Record Values Abstract   PDF
Qi-Man Shao, Chun Su, Gang Wei
Vol 12 Asymptotic distributions and chaos for the supermarket model Abstract   PDF
Malwina J Luczak, Colin McDiarmid
Vol 16 Asymptotic Entropy of Random Walks on Free Products Abstract   PDF
Lorenz A. Gilch
Vol 12 Asymptotic Estimates Of The Green Functions And Transition Probabilities For Markov Additive Processes Abstract   PDF
Kouhei Uchiyama
Vol 12 Asymptotic Evolution of Acyclic Random Mappings Abstract   PDF
Steven Neil Evans, Tye Lidman
Vol 14 Asymptotic Growth of Spatial Derivatives of Isotropic Flows Abstract   PDF
Holger M van Bargen
Vol 9 Asymptotic Laws for Nonconservative Self-similar Fragmentations Abstract   PDF
Jean Bertoin, Alexander V. Gnedin
Vol 16 Asymptotic Moments of Near Neighbor Distances for the Gaussian Distribution Abstract   PDF
Elia Liitiäinen
Vol 14 Asymptotic Normality in Density Support Estimation Abstract   PDF
Gérard Biau, Benoit Cadre, David M Mason, Bruno Pelletier
Vol 16 Asymptotic Normality of Hill Estimator for Truncated Data Abstract   PDF
Arijit Chakrabarty
Vol 12 Asymptotics for Rooted Bipartite Planar Maps and Scaling Limits of Two-Type Spatial Trees Abstract   PDF
Mathilde Weill
Vol 19 Asymptotics for the number of blocks in a conditional Ewens-Pitman sampling model Abstract   PDF
Stefano Favaro, Shui Feng
Vol 12 Asymptotics of Bernoulli random walks, bridges, excursions and meanders with a given number of peaks Abstract   PDF
Jean-Maxime Labarbe, Jean-Francois Marckert
Vol 7 Asymptotics of Certain Coagulation-Fragmentation Processes and Invariant Poisson-Dirichlet Measures Abstract   PDF
Eddy Mayer-Wolf, Ofer Zeitouni, Martin P.W. Zerner
Vol 13 Asymptotics of the Allele Frequency Spectrum Associated with the Bolthausen-Sznitman Coalescent Abstract   PDF
Anne-Laure Basdevant, Christina Goldschmidt
Vol 18 Asymptotics of the rising moments for the coupon collector's problem Abstract   PDF
Aristides V Doumas, Vassilis G Papanicolaou
Vol 16 Attractors and Expansion for Brownian Flows Abstract   PDF
Georgi Dimitroff, Michael Scheutzow
Vol 2 Avoiding-Probabilities For Brownian Snakes and Super-Brownian Motion Abstract   PDF
Romain Abraham, Wendelin Werner
Vol 11 Behavior of a second class particle in Hammersley's process Abstract   PDF
Eric Cator, Sergei Dobrynin
Vol 19 Belief propagation for minimum weight many-to-one matchings in the random complete graph Abstract   PDF
Mustafa Khandwawala
Vol 8 Berry-Esseen Bounds for the Number of Maxima in Planar Regions Abstract   PDF
Zhi-Dong Bai, Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Tsung-Hsi Tsai
Vol 19 Bootstrap percolation on Galton-Watson trees Abstract   PDF
Béla Bollobás, Karen Gunderson, Cecilia Holmgren, Svante Janson, Michał Przykucki
Vol 6 Boundary Conditions for One-Dimensional Biharmonic Pseudo Process Abstract   PDF
Kunio Nishioka
Vol 13 Bounding a Random Environment Bounding a Random Environment for Two-dimensional Edge-reinforced Random Walk Abstract   PDF
Franz Merkl, Silke W.W. Rolles
Vol 17 Bounds for the annealed return probability on large finite percolation graphs Abstract   PDF
Florian Sobieczky
Vol 8 Branching Random Walk with Catalysts Abstract   PDF
Harry Kesten, Vladas Sidoravicius
Vol 19 Branching random walks and contact processes on Galton-Watson trees Abstract   PDF
Wei Su
Vol 16 Branching Random Walks in Random Environment are Diffusive in the Regular Growth Phase Abstract   PDF
Hadrian Heil, Nakashima Makoto, Yoshida Nobuo
Vol 17 Branching random walks in time inhomogeneous environments Abstract   PDF
Ming Fang, Ofer Zeitouni
Vol 17 Bridges of quadratic harnesses Abstract   PDF
Włodek Bryc, Jacek Wesołowski
Vol 9 Brownian Bridge Asymptotics for Random $p$-Mappings Abstract   PDF
David Aldous, Gregory Miermont, Jim Pitman
Vol 15 Brownian Dynamics of Globules Abstract   PDF
Myriam Fradon
Vol 11 Brownian excursions, stochastic integrals, and representation of Wiener functionals Abstract   PDF
Jean Picard
Vol 11 Brownian local minima, random dense countable sets and random equivalence classes Abstract   PDF
Boris Tsirelson
Vol 4 Brownian Motion, Bridge, Excursion, and Meander Characterized by Sampling at Independent Uniform Times Abstract   PDF
Jim Pitman
Vol 8 Brownian Motion on Compact Manifolds: Cover Time and Late Points Abstract   PDF
Amir Dembo, Yuval Peres, Jay Rosen
Vol 18 Brownian web in the scaling limit of supercritical oriented percolation in dimension 1 + 1 Abstract   PDF
Anish Sarkar, Rongfeng Sun
Vol 11 BSDEs with two reflecting barriers driven by a Brownian motion and Poisson noise and related Dynkin game Abstract   PDF
Said Hamadene, Mohammed Hassani
Vol 16 Bulk Scaling Limit of the Laguerre Ensemble Abstract   PDF
Stephanie Jacquot, Benedek Valko
Vol 16 Can the Adaptive Metropolis Algorithm Collapse Without the Covariance Lower Bound? Abstract   PDF
Matti Vihola
Vol 2 Cauchy's Principal Value of Local Times of Lévy Processes with no Negative Jumps via Continuous Branching Processes Abstract   PDF
Jean Bertoin
Vol 19 Causal interpretation of stochastic differential equations Abstract   PDF
Niels Richard Hansen, Alexander Sokol
Vol 17 Central limit approximations for Markov population processes with countably many types Abstract   PDF
Andrew Barbour, Malwina Luczak
Vol 14 Central Limit Theorem for a Class of Linear Systems Abstract   PDF
Yukio Nagahata, Nobuo Yoshida
Vol 17 Central limit theorem for biased random walk on multi-type Galton-Watson trees Abstract   PDF
Amir Dembo, Nike Sun
Vol 19 Central limit theorem for eigenvectors of heavy tailed matrices Abstract   PDF
Florent Benaych-Georges, Alice Guionnet
Vol 18 Central Limit Theorem for $\mathbb{Z}_{+}^d$-actions by toral endomorphisms Abstract   PDF
Mordechay Levin
Vol 16 Central Limit Theorems and Quadratic Variations in Terms of Spectral Density Abstract   PDF
Hermine Biermé, Aline Bonami, José R. Leon
Vol 18 Central limit theorems for cavity and local fields of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model Abstract   PDF
Wei-Kuo Chen
Vol 18 Central limit theorems for Fréchet means in the space of phylogenetic trees Abstract   PDF
Dennis Barden, Huiling Le, Megan Owen
Vol 17 Central limit theorems for the $L^{2}$ norm of increments of local times of Lévy processes Abstract   PDF
Michael B. Marcus, Jay S. Rosen
Vol 9 Chains with Complete Connections and One-Dimensional Gibbs Measures Abstract   PDF
Roberto Fernandez, Gregory Maillard
Vol 18 Chaos and entropic chaos in Kac's model without high moments Abstract   PDF
Kleber Carrapatoso, Amit Einav
Vol 18 Chaotic extensions and the lent particle method for Brownian motion Abstract   PDF
Nicolas Bouleau, Laurent Denis
Vol 14 Characterization of maximal Markovian couplings for diffusion processes Abstract   PDF
Kazumasa Kuwada
Vol 13 Classes of measures which can be embedded in the Simple Symmetric Random Walk Abstract   PDF
Alexander M.G. Cox, Jan K. Obloj
Vol 12 Classical and Variational Differentiability of BSDEs with Quadratic Growth Abstract   PDF
Stefan Ankirchner, Peter Imkeller, Goncalo JN Dos Reis
Vol 18 CLT for crossings of random trigonometric polynomials Abstract   PDF
Jean-Marc Azaïs, José R León
Vol 14 CLT for Linear Spectral Statistics of Wigner matrices Abstract   PDF
Zhidong Bai, Xiaoying Wang, Wang Zhou
Vol 18 Clustering and percolation of point processes Abstract   PDF
Bartlomiej Blaszczyszyn, Dhandapani Yogeshwaran
Vol 8 Clustering Behavior of a Continuous-Sites Stepping-Stone Model with Brownian Migration Abstract   PDF
Xiaowen Zhou
Vol 14 Coalescent processes in subdivided populations subject to recurrent mass extinctions Abstract   PDF
Jesse E. Taylor, Amandine Véber
Vol 5 Coalescents with Simultaneous Multiple Collisions Abstract   PDF
Jason Schweinsberg
Vol 14 Coarse graining, fractional moments and the critical slope of random copolymers Abstract   PDF
Fabio Lucio Toninelli
Vol 15 Coexistence in a Two-Dimensional Lotka-Volterra Model Abstract   PDF
J Theodore Cox, Mathieu Merle, Edwin A Perkins
Vol 16 Collision Local Time of Transient Random Walks and Intermediate Phases in Interacting Stochastic Systems Abstract   PDF
Matthias Birkner, Andreas Greven, Frank den Hollander
Vol 3 Collision Local Times, Historical Stochastic Calculus, and Competing Species Abstract   PDF
Steven N. Evans, Edwin A. Perkins
Vol 19 Comparing Fréchet and positive stable laws Abstract   PDF
Thomas Simon
Vol 13 Comparison Results for Reflected Jump-diffusions in the Orthant with Variable Reflection Directions and Stability Applications Abstract   PDF
Francisco J Piera, Ravi R Mazumdar
Vol 8 Comparison Theorems for Small Deviations of Random Series Abstract   PDF
Fuchang Gao, Jan Hannig, Fred Torcaso
Vol 13 Competing Particle Systems and the Ghirlanda-Guerra Identities Abstract   PDF
Louis-Pierre Arguin
Vol 14 Competing Particle Systems Evolving by I.I.D. Increments Abstract   PDF
Mykhaylo Shkolnikov
Vol 8 Competing Species Superprocesses with Infinite Variance Abstract   PDF
Klaus Fleischmann, Leonid Mytnik
Vol 10 Competing super-Brownian motions as limits of interacting particle systems Abstract   PDF
Richard Durrett, Leonid Mytnik, Edwin Perkins
Vol 19 Complete localisation and exponential shape of the parabolic Anderson model with Weibull potential field Abstract   PDF
Artiom Fiodorov, Stephen Muirhead
Vol 12 Complex Determinantal Processes and $H1$ Noise Abstract   PDF
Brian Rider, Balint Virag
Vol 15 Compound Poisson Approximation via Information Functionals Abstract   PDF
A. D. Barbour, Oliver Johnson, Ioannis Kontoyiannis, Mokshay Madiman
Vol 11 Computation of Greeks using Malliavin's calculus in jump type market models Abstract   PDF
Marie Pierre Bavouzet, Marouen Messaoud
Vol 8 Computation of Moments for the Length of the OneDimensional ISE Support Abstract   PDF
Jean-Francois Delmas
Vol 14 Concentration inequalities for Markov processes via coupling Abstract   PDF
Frank Redig, Jean Rene Chazottes
Vol 14 Concentration inequalities for s-concave measures of dilations of Borel sets and applications Abstract   PDF
Matthieu Fradelizi
Vol 13 Concentration of the Spectral Measure for Large Random Matrices with Stable Entries Abstract   PDF
Christian Houdré, Hua Xu
Vol 3 Concrete Representation of Martingales Abstract   PDF
Stephen Montgomery-Smith
Vol 15 Conditional Limit Theorems for Ordered Random Walks Abstract   PDF
Denis E Denisov, Vitali Wachtel
Vol 1 Conditional Moment Representations for Dependent Random Variables Abstract   PDF
Wlodzimierz Bryc
Vol 14 Confinement of the Two Dimensional Discrete Gaussian Free Field Between Two Hard Walls Abstract   PDF
Hironobu Sakagawa
Vol 19 Constructive quadratic functional quantization and critical dimension Abstract   PDF
Harald Luschgy, Gilles Pagès
Vol 12 Continuity of the percolation threshold in randomly grown graphs. Abstract   PDF
Tatyana S. Turova
Vol 19 Continuum percolation for quermass model Abstract   PDF
David Coupier, David Dereudre
Vol 10 Convergence in Dirichlet Law of Certain Stochastic Integrals Abstract   PDF
Christophe Chorro
Vol 10 Convergence in Fractional Models and Applications Abstract   PDF
Corinne Berzin, José Rafael León
Vol 5 Convergence in Incomplete Market Models Abstract   PDF
P. Ekkehard Kopp, Volker Wellmann
Vol 19 Convergence in Lp and its exponential rate for a branching process in a random environment Abstract   PDF
Chunmao Huang, Quansheng Liu
Vol 17 Convergence of clock process in random environments and aging in Bouchaud's asymmetric trap model on the complete graph Abstract   PDF
Véronique Gayrard
Vol 10 Convergence of Coalescing Nonsimple Random Walks to The Brownian Web Abstract   PDF
Charles M Newman, Krishnamurthi Ravishankar, Rongfeng Sun
Vol 13 Convergence of Lattice Trees to Super-Brownian Motion above the Critical Dimension Abstract   PDF
Mark P. Holmes
Vol 17 Convergence of mixing times for sequences of random walks on finite graphs Abstract   PDF
David A Croydon, Ben M Hambly, Takashi Kumagai
Vol 16 Convergence of Rescaled Competing Species Processes to a Class of SPDEs Abstract   PDF
Sandra M Kliem
Vol 4 Convergence of Stopped Sums of Weakly Dependent Random Variables Abstract   PDF
Magda Peligrad
Vol 15 Convergence of the Critical Finite-Range Contact Process to Super-Brownian Motion Above the Upper Critical Dimension: The Higher-Point Functions Abstract   PDF
Remco van der Hofstad, Akira Sakai
Vol 19 Convergence of the eigenvalue density for Laguerre beta ensembles on short scales Abstract   PDF
Philippe Sosoe, Percy Wong
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