Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, Conference 02, 1999.

Proceedings of the Fifteenth Conference on Applied Mathematics


The Fifteenth Conference on Applied Mathematics (CAM 99) took place on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma, in Edmond, Oklahoma, on February 12 and 13, 1999. CAM has been an annual event since 1985, and seeks to discover new techniques of mathematics as a tool in various disciplines. In 1999 there were special sessions on Differential Equations and on Applied Computer Science, as well as a Student Competition and a general session on applications of mathematics.

Approximately 75 participants provided 43 papers during the event, which included featured addresses by Dr. Joseph Gallian of the University of Minnesota-Duluth, who spoke on "The Mathematics of Identification Numbers," and Dr. William Briggs of the University of Colorado-Denver, who discussed "Differential and Difference Equations in Population Genetics." Dr. Briggs also provided a special workshop on "Teaching Quantitative Reasoning to Liberal Arts Students." The CAM 99 banquet was highlighted by the presentation by Dr. Curtis McKnight of the University of Oklahoma, who showed dramatically how various countries have stacked up in recent international examinations (and how poorly American students are doing in the events). The Outstanding Student Presentation Award went to Natalia Khlopina of Southern Methodist University for her discussion of Degenerate Two-Phase Incompressible Flow Problems." (Her paper on the subject appears in this document.)

This proceedings is comprised of those CAM 99 papers which were submitted by the presenters for electronic publication, were approved by the CAM referees, and which bear upon the subject of differential equations. Thank you to all the authors who took the extra time to provide their CAM paper in a form suitable for electronic publication.

Special Issue Editor
David P. Stapleton
University of Central Oklahoma

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