Electron. J. Diff. Eqns., Vol. 2004(2004), No. 71, pp. 1-24.

Gain of regularity for a Korteweg - de Vries - Kawahara type equation

Octavio Paulo Vera Villagran

We study the existence of local and global solutions, and the gain of regularity for the initial value problem associated to the Korteweg - de Vries - Kawahara (KdVK) equation perturbed by a dispersive term which appears in several fluids dynamics problems. The study of gain of regularity is motivated by the results obtained by Craig, Kappeler and Strauss [8].

Submitted December 15, 2003. Published May 17, 2004.
Math Subject Classifications: 35Q53, 47J35.
Key Words: Evolution equations, weighted Sobolev space.

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Octavio Paulo Vera Villagran
Facultad de Ingenieria
Universidad Catolica de la Santisima Concepcion
Paicavi 3000, Concepcion, Chile
email: overa@ucsc.cl   Fax: (41)735300

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