Volume 6 (2013)


Volume 6 - Special Issue . (Guest Editors: S. De Marchi e M. Vianello) (2013)

Special Issue

S. De Marchi e M. Vianello

Martin D. Buhmann

Conference report

pages: 1-2

pages: 9-19

pages: 20-26

Hermann Render, Ognyan Kounchev

Error Estimates for Polyharmonic Cubature Formulas

pages: 62-73

Daniel Wirtz, Bernard Haasdonk

A Vectorial Kernel Orthogonal Greedy Algorithm

pages: 83-100

Laura Ricco, Enrico Rigoni, Alessandro Turco

Smoothing Spline ANOVA for Variable Screening

pages: 130-139

Alberto Lovison, Francesco Comola, Pietro Teatini, Carlo Janna, Massimiliano Ferronato, Mario Putti, Giuseppe Gambolati

Model calibration of a geomechanical problem with efficient global optimization

pages: 140-150


S. De Marchi e M. Vianello