Volume 15 (2022)


Clemente Cesarano, William Ramírez, Subuhi Khan

A new class of degenerate Apostol-type Hermite polynomials and applications

pages: 1-10

pages: 11-19

Volume 15, Special Issue SA2022 - Software for Approximation 2022 (2022)

Special Issue

Roberto Cavoretto, Alessandra De Rossi

Software for Approximation 2022 (SA2022)

pages: I-II

Ludovico Bruni Bruno, Ana Alonso Rodríguez, Francesca Rapetti

Computing weights for high order Whitney edge elements

pages: 1-12

Iulia Martina Bulai, Maria Carmela De Bonis, Concetta Laurita, Valeria Sagaria

MatLab Toolbox for the numerical solution of linear Volterra integral equations arising in metastatic tumor growth models

pages: 13-24

Roberto Cavoretto, Alessandra De Rossi, Sandro Lancellotti, Emma Perracchione

Software Implementation of the Partition of Unity Method

pages: 35-46

pages: 66-80

Francesco Dell'Accio, Filomena Di Tommaso, Najoua Siar, Marco Vianello

DISC: an adaptive numerical Differentiator by local polynomial Interpolation on multivariate SCattered data

pages: 81-91

Giacomo Elefante, Alvise Sommariva, Marco Vianello

CQMC: an improved code for low-dimensional Compressed Quasi-MonteCarlo cubature

pages: 92-100

pages: 101-108

pages: 109-140

Volume 15, Special Issue dedicated to Robert Schaback on the occasion of his 75th birthday (2022)

Special Issue

Gudrun Albrecht, CarolinaVittoria Beccari, Lucia Romani

Interpolating sequences of 3D-data with C^2 quintic PH B-spline curves

pages: 1-11

Nursel Çetin, Danilo Costarelli, Mariarosaria Natale, Gianluca Vinti

Nonlinear multivariate sampling Kantorovich operators: quantitative estimates in functional spaces

pages: 12-25

pages: 26-36

Salvatore Cuomo, Alessandra DeRossi, Luca Rizzo, Federica Sica

Reconstruction of volatility surfaces: a first computational study

pages: 37-48

Domenico Mezzanotte, Donatella Occorsio

Compounded Product Integration rules on (0, +∞)

pages: 78-92

Donatella Occorsio, Maria Grazia Russo, Woula Themistoclakis

Filtered integration rules for finite weighted Hilbert transforms II

pages: 93-104

Tomoaki Okayama, Ken’ichiro Tanaka

Yet another DE-Sinc indefinite integration formula

pages: 105-116

pages: 117-124

pages: 125-145

Volume 15, Special Issue dedicated to Stefano De Marchi on the occasion of his 60th birthday (2022)

Special Issue

Guest Editors: Len Bos, Francesco Dell'Accio, Alvise Sommariva

Len Bos, Francesco Dell'Accio, Giacomo Elefante, Wolfgang Erb, Francesco Marchetti, Emma Perracchione, Davide Poggiali, Gabriele Santin, Alvise Sommariva

Special Issue dedicated to Stefano De Marchi on the occasion of his 60th birthday

pages: I-V

Mirosław Baran, Agnieszka Kowalska

Spectral norms in spaces of polynomials

pages: 1-9

Thomas Bloom, Norman Levenberg

Asymptotic Approximate Fekete Arrays

pages: 10-19

pages: 20-34

pages: 35-44

Giacomo Elefante, Wolfgang Erb, Francesco Marchetti, Emma Perracchione, Davide Poggiali, Gabriele Santin

Interpolation with the polynomial kernels

pages: 45-60

pages: 61-72

pages: 73-81

Volume 15, Special Issue ATMA2021 - Approximation: Theory, Methods, and Applications (2022)

Special Issue

Guest editors: Costanza Conti, Mariantonia Cotronei, Alessandra De Rossi, Francesco Dell’Accio, Filomena Di Tommaso, Luigia Puccio

Costanza Conti, Mariantonia Cotronei, Francesco Dell’Accio, Alessandra De Rossi, Filomena Di Tommaso, Luigia Puccio

ATMA2021 - Approximation: Theory, Methods, and Applications

pages: i-ii

pages: 1-7

Nadun Dissanayake Kulasekera Mudiyanselage, Jacob Blazejewski, Benjamin Ong, Cécile Piret

A Radial Basis Function - Finite Difference and Parareal Framework for Solving Time Dependent Partial Differential Equations

pages: 8-23

pages: 39-50

Stefano De Marchi, Nadaniela Egidi, Josephin Giacomini, Pierluigi Maponi, Alessia Perticarini

Computational issues by interpolating with inverse multiquadrics: a solution

pages: 56-64

Dajana Conte, Nicolina Guarino, Giovanni Pagano, Beatrice Paternoster

Positivity-preserving and elementary stable nonstandard method for a COVID-19 SIR model

pages: 65-77

Elisabeth Larsson, Boštjan Mavrič, Andreas Michael, Fatemeh Pooladi

A numerical investigation of some RBF-FD error estimates

pages: 78-95

Flavia Giannetti, Antonia Passarelli di Napoli

Regularity for solutions to a class of PDE’s with Orlicz growth

pages: 113-127

Danilo Costarelli, Michele Piconi, Gianluca Vinti

The multivariate Durrmeyer-sampling type operators in functional spaces

pages: 128-144

Alexander Dietz, Jörg Peters, Ulrich Reif, Malcolm Sabin, Jeremy Youngquist

Subdivision Isogeometric Analysis: A Todo List

pages: 145-157