Volume 14 (2021)


Mohammad Heidari, Maryam Mohammadi, Stefano De Marchi

A shape preserving quasi-interpolation operator based on a new transcendental RBF

pages: 56-73

Diego Caratelli, Clemente Cesarano, Paolo Emilio Ricci

Computation of the Bell-Laplace transforms

pages: 74-91

Len Bos, Stefano De Marchi, Alvise Sommariva

On "marcov" inequalities

pages: 92-100

Volume 14, Special Issue MATA-2020 (2021)

Special Issue

Laura Angeloni, Costanza Conti, Stefano De Marchi, Elisa Francomano, Gianluca Vinti

Multivariate Approximation: Theory and Applications 2020

pages: 1-2

pages: 1-9

Pasquale Candito, Giuseppina D’Aguì, Roberto Livrea

Two positive solutions for a nonlinear parameter-depending algebraic system

pages: 10-17

pages: 18-25

Stefano De Marchi, Giacomo Elefante, Emma Perracchione, Davide Poggiali

Quadrature at fake nodes

pages: 39-45

Luisa Fermo, Maria Grazia Russo, Giada Serafini

A numerical method for the generalized Love integral equation in 2D

pages: 46-57

pages: 68-84

Jean-Louis Merrien, Tomas Sauer

Extra Regularity of Hermite Subdivision Schemes

pages: 85-94

Special issue dedicated to Mirosław Baran on the occasion of his 60th birthday (2021)

Special Issue

Tomasz Beberok, Leokadia Białas-Cież, Stefano De Marchi, Agnieszka Kowalska, Norman Levenberg

Mirosław Baran

pages: I-II

pages: 1-6

Marianna Chatzakou, Yannis Sarantopoulos

Estimates for polynomial norms on Banach spaces

pages: 40-52

pages: 53-58

pages: 59-65