Volume 11 (2018)

Volume 11 Special issue MATAA17 (2018)

Volume 11 Special issue SPAN2018 (2018)

Special Issue

Enrico Facca, Ángeles Martínez, Emma Perracchione, Federico Piazzon

Seminari Padovani di Analisi Numerica SPAN18

pages: 1-2

Andrea Franceschini, Massimiliano Ferronato, Carlo Janna, Victor A.P. Magri

Recent advancements in preconditioning techniques for large size linear systems suited for High Performance Computing

pages: 11-22

Dominik Wittwar, Gabriele Santin, Bernard Haasdonk

Interpolation with uncoupled separable matrix-valued kernels

pages: 23-39

Special issue dedicated to Norm Levenberg on the occasion of his 60th birthday. (Guest Editor: F. Piazzon) (2018)

Special Issue

F. Piazzon

Turgay Bayraktar, Dan Coman, Hendrik Herrmann, George Marinescu

A survey on zeros of random holomorphic sections

pages: 1-19

pages: 26-34

Sławomir Dinew, Sławomir Kołodziej

Non standard properties of m-subharmonic functions

pages: 35-50

Maciej Klimek, Marta Kosek

On the metric space of pluriregular sets

pages: 51-61

pages: 73-78

pages: 116-121

pages: 122-129