DOCUMENTA MATHEMATICA, Vol. 18 (2013), 907-941

Marc Levine

Convergence of Voevodsky's Slice Tower

We consider Voevodsky's slice tower for a finite spectrum $\sE$ in the motivic stable homotopy category over a perfect field $k$. In case $k$ has finite cohomological dimension, we show that the slice tower converges, in that the induced filtration on the bi-graded homotopy sheaves $\Pi_{a,b}f_n\sE$ is finite, exhaustive and separated at each stalk (after inverting the exponential characteristic of $k$). This partially verifies a conjecture of Voevodsky.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 14F42; Secondary 55P42

Keywords and Phrases: Morel-Voevodsky stable homotopy category, slice filtration, motivic homotopy theory

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