17 (2012)

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30.	Emre Coskun, Rajesh S. Kulkarni, and Yusuf Mustopa
	Pfaffian Quartic Surfaces and 
	Representations of Clifford Algebras 
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 1003--1028
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  59k, dvi 181k, ps.gz 418k, pdf 324k

29.	Thomas Geisser
	Duality for Z-Constructible Sheaves 
	on Curves over Finite Fields
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 989--1002
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  28k, dvi  95k, ps.gz 271k, pdf 172k

28.	Luis Dieulefait, Ariel Pacetti, and Matthias Schütt.
	Modularity of the Consani-Scholten Quintic
	With an Appendix by José Burgos Gil and Ariel Pacetti
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 953--987
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  69k, dvi 175k, ps.gz 424k, pdf 342k

27.	Augustin-Liviu Mare and Peter Quast
	Bott Periodicity for Inclusions 
	of  Symmetric Spaces
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 911--952
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  79k, dvi 208k, ps.gz 349k, pdf 399k

26.	Sverre Lunøe--Nielsen and John Rognes
	The Topological Singer Construction
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 861--909
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  94k, dvi 241k, ps.gz 407k, pdf 413k

25.	Claire Voisin
	Symplectic Involutions of K3 Surfaces 
	Act Trivially on CH_0
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 851--860
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  20k, dvi  46k, ps.gz 224k, pdf 130k

24.	Tadashi Ochiai
	Several Variables p-Adic L-Functions 
	for Hida Families of Hilbert Modular Forms 
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 807--849
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  98k, dvi 316k, ps.gz 571k, pdf 506k

23.	A. D'Andrea and G. Marchei
	A Root Space Decomposition 
	for Finite Vertex Algebras
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 783--805
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  43k, dvi 102k, ps.gz 299k, pdf 221k

22.	Andre Chatzistamatiou and Kay Rülling
	Hodge-Witt Cohomology 
	and Witt-Rational Singularities
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 663--781
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 286k, dvi 1005k, ps.gz 839k, pdf 1159k

21.	Jeremiah Heller and Mircea Voineagu
	Remarks on Filtrations 
	of the Homology of Real Varieties
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 641--661
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  42k, dvi 138k, ps.gz 344k, pdf 248k

20.	Florian Geiß
	The Unirationality of Hurwitz Spaces 
	of  6-Gonal Curves of Small Genus
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 627--640
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  26k, dvi  73k, ps.gz 281k, pdf 168k

19.	Pavol Severa
	Moduli Spaces of Flat Connections
	and Morita Equivalence of Quantum Tori
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 607--625
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  44k, dvi 195k, ps.gz 328k, pdf 192k

18.	Sudhanshu Shekhar and R. Sujatha
	On the Structure of Selmer Groups 
	of Lambda-Adic Deformations over p-Adic Lie  Extensions
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 573--606
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  76k, dvi 256k, ps.gz 429k, pdf 386k

17.	Kasper K.S. Andersen and Klaus Thomsen
	The C^*-Algebra of an Affine Map on the 3-Torus
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 545--572
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  53k, dvi 146k, ps.gz 309k, pdf 257k

16.	Stefan Müller-Stach, Xuanming Ye, Kang Zuo
	Mixed Hodge Complexes and L^2--Cohomology 
	for Local Systems on Ball Quotients 
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 517--543
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  47k, dvi 176k, ps.gz 473k, pdf 317k

15.	Bahram Rangipour and Serkan Sütlü 
	Cyclic Cohomology of Lie Algebras
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 483--515
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  54k, dvi 201k, ps.gz 418k, pdf 310k

14.	Volker Bach, Hans Konrad Knörr, Edmund Menge
	Fermion Correlation Inequalities
	Derived from G- and P-Conditions                                     
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 451--481
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  52k, dvi 147k, ps.gz 307k, pdf 253k

13.	Johannes Ebert and Oscar Randal-Williams
	Stable Cohomology of the Universal Picard Varieties
	and the Extended Mapping Class Group
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 417--450
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  76k, dvi 243k, ps.gz 452k, pdf 405k

12.	Jean-Marie Barbaroux and Semjon A. Vugalter
	On the Ground State  Energy 
	of the Translation Invariant Pauli-Fierz Model. II.
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 401--415
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  26k, dvi  80k, ps.gz 237k, pdf 153k

11.	M. Flach and B. Morin
	On the Weil-Étale Topos 
	of Regular Arithmetic Schemes
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 313--399
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 150k, dvi 434k, ps.gz 518k, pdf 667k

10.	Vesna Stojanoska
	Duality for Topological Modular Forms
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 271--311
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  76k, dvi 195k, ps.gz 959k, pdf 434k

9.	Jun Hu, Zhankui Xiao
	On a Theorem of Lehrer and Zhang
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 245--270
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  47k, dvi 117k, ps.gz 453k, pdf 289k

8.	Klaus Hulek and Orsola Tommasi
	Cohomology of the Second Voronoi 
	Compactification of mathcal A_4 
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 195--244
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 100k, dvi 263k, ps.gz 498k, pdf 463k

7.	Alexey Ananyevskiy
	On the Algebraic K-Theory 
	of Some Homogeneous Varieties
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 167--193
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  45k, dvi 113k, ps.gz 337k, pdf 255k

6.	Maksim Zhykhovich
	Decompositions of Motives 
	of Generalized Severi-Brauer Varieties
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 151--165
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  32k, dvi  79k, ps.gz 261k, pdf 187k

5.	S. Baek, E. Neher, K. Zainoulline
	Basic Polynomial Invariants, 
	Fundamental Representations and the 
	Chern Class Map 
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012) 135--150
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  31k, dvi  73k, ps.gz 287k, pdf 181k

4.	Amalendu Krishna
	Equivariant Cobordism of Schemes
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012)  95--134
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  79k, dvi 195k, ps.gz 431k, pdf 375k

3.	Oliver Goertsches
	The Equivariant Cohomology of Isotropy Actions
	 on Symmetric Spaces
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012)   79--94
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  30k, dvi  67k, ps.gz 284k, pdf 175k

2.	P. Broussous, V. Sécherre, and S. Stevens
	Smooth Representations of GL_m(D) 
	V: Endo-Classes
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012)   23--77
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 105k, dvi 291k, ps.gz 475k, pdf 506k

1.	Markus Reineke
	Degenerate Cohomological Hall Algebra and 
	Quantized Donaldson-Thomas Invariants for 
	m-Loop Quivers 
	Documenta Math. 17 (2012)    1--22
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  39k, dvi  91k, ps.gz 322k, pdf 219k

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