DOCUMENTA MATHEMATICA, Vol. 3 (1998), 353-364

Volker Bach, Jean-Marie Barbaroux, Bernard Helffer, Heinz Siedentop

Stability of Matter for the Hartree-Fock Functional of the Relativistic Electron-Positron Field

We investigate stability of matter of the Hartree-Fock functional of the relativistic electron-positron field -- in suitable second quantization -- interacting via a second quantized Coulomb field and a classical magnetic field. We are able to show that stability holds for a range of nuclear charges $Z_1,..,Z_K\leq Z$ and fine structure constants $\alpha$ that include the physical value of $\alpha$ and elements up to holmium ($Z=67$).

Keywords and Phrases: Dirac operator, stability of matter, QED, generalized Hartree-Fock states

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