Luděk Zajíček
A note on propagation of singularities of semiconcave functions of two variables

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolin. 51,3 (2010) 453-458.

Abstract:P. Albano and P. Cannarsa proved in 1999 that, under some applicable conditions, singularities of semiconcave functions in $\mathbb R^n$ propagate along Lipschitz arcs. Further regularity properties of these arcs were proved by P. Cannarsa and Y. Yu in 2009. We prove that, for $n=2$, these arcs are very regular: they can be found in the form (in a suitable Cartesian coordinate system) $\psi(x) = (x, y_1(x)-y_2(x))$, $x\in [0,\alpha]$, where $y_1$, $y_2$ are convex and Lipschitz on $[0,\alpha]$. In other words: singularities propagate along arcs with finite turn.

Keywords: semiconcave functions, singularities
AMS Subject Classification: 26B25 35A21