Volume 28 • Number 2 • 2005
• On Fuzzy Quotient Mappings
P.V. Ramakrishnan and A. Regina Mary
Abstract. Azad [1] introduced the concepts of fuzzy semi-open sets and fuzzy semi-continuous mappings. Fuzzy α-open sets and fuzzy α-continuous functions were introduced by Mashhour et. al. [4] and Singal et. al. [6] respectively. The concepts of fuzzy pre-open sets and fuzzy pre-continuous mappings were introduced by Bin Sahana [2]. In this paper the concepts of fuzzy α-quotient maps, fuzzy semi quotient maps, fuzzy pre quotient maps, fuzzy strongly α-quotient maps, fuzzy strongly semi quotient maps, fuzzy strongly pre quotient maps, fuzzy α-quotient maps, fuzzy semi-quotient maps and fuzzy pre-quotient maps are introduced and some of their properties are studied. Also the interconnections between the new mappings and the fuzzy quotient mappings are investigated. Some examples are given to illustrate the results.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 54A40.

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