Volume 25 • Number 2 • 2002
More on Semi-Urysohn Spaces
Julian Dontchev and Maximilian Ganster
Abstract. The aim of this note is to present some results concerning the class of semi-Urysohn spaces, a concept which has been introduced by M.P. Bhamini [4] under the name of 's-Urysohn spaces'. Semi-Urysohn spaces resp. s-Urysohn spaces have been further investigated in [1], [2] and [5], and quite recently by Noiri and Umehara [20]. Several examples are provided in order to differentiate semi-Urysohn spaces from some other well-known classes of topological spaces. We prove that every Hausdorff space is homeomorphic to a closed subspace of a Hausdorff semi-Urysohn space as well as that the product of every first countable Hausdorff space with the usual space of reals is semi-Urysohn.

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