V.9 Issue 1

1. Symmetry and periodic-chaos in a 3-D sinusoid discrete maps

Author: Mohammed Mammeri download

2. Existence of solution to a coupled system of hybrid fractional differential equations

Authors: Amjad Ali, Kamal Shah, Rahmat Ali Khan download

3.$f$-harmonic maps from Finsler manifolds

Authors: Seyed Mehdi Kazemi Torbaghan, Morteza Mirmohammad Rezaii download

4. Analytic study of Allen- Cahn equation of fractional order

Authors: Devendra Kumar, Jagdev Singh, Dumitru Baleanu download

5. An approach to stabilization for a class of control systems with mixed time-varying delays

Author: Nguyen S. Bay download

6. New results on simultaneous approximation preserving maps

Authors: M. R. Haddadi and M. H. L. Ghasemi download

7.On alternating weighted binomial sums with falling factorials

Authors: Emrah KILIC, Nese OMUR, Sibel KOPARAL download

8. More operator inequalities for positive linear maps

Authors: Hamid Reza Moradi, Mohsen Erfanian Omidvar, Silvestru Sever Dragomir and Mohammad Kazem Anwary download

9. A Note On New Ostrowski Type Inequalities Using A Generalized Kernel

Authors: Waseem Ghazi Alshanti, Ather Qayyum download

10. A generalization of contraction principle in quasi-metric spaces

Authors: Hamza Saffaj, Karim Chaira, Mohamed Aamri and El-Miloudi Marhrani download

11. Generalized Composite Vector Equilibrium Problems

Authors: Iqbal Ahmad, Syed Shakaib Irfan and Rais Ahmad download

12. Related fixed point theorems of Caristi type for two set valued mappings

Authors: Samih Lazaiz, Karim Chaira, Mohamed Aamri, El Miloudi Marhrani download

13. Multiplicity of solutions for linear partial differential equations using (generalized) energy operators

Author: Jean-Philippe Montillet download

14. On the stability and instability of functional Volterra integro-differential equations of first order

Authors: C. Tunc and S. A. Mohammed download

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