V.7 Issue 1

1. A generalized mean proximal algorithm for solving generalized mixed equilibrium problems

Author: A. M. Saddeek download

2. Approximately $n$-multiplicative and approximately additive functions in normed algebras

Authors: E. Ansari-Piri, H. Shayanpour and Z. Heidarpour download

3. Generalized q-Bessel operator

Authors: Lazhar Dhaouadi and Manel Hleili download

4. Retro Banach frames, almost exact retro Banach frames in Banach spaces

Authors: Khole Timothy Poumai and S.K. Kaushik download

5. On weak symmetries of $\delta-$ Lorentzian $\beta-$ Kenmotsu manifold

Author: Vilas Khairnar download

6. On Generalized Ricci-Recurrent $\delta-$Lorentzian Trans-Sasakian Manifolds

Authors: Shyam Kishor and Prerna Kanaujia download

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