V.6 Issue 3

1. A Fractional Power for Dunkl Transforms

Authors: S. Ghazouani, F. Bouzaffour download

2. On k-quasi class Q operators

Author: Valdete Rexhebeqaj Hamiti download

3. Algebrability of space of Quasi-Everywhere surjective functions

Author: A. Farokhinia download

4. Maps preserving the closedness of operator ranges on a Hilbert $H^{*}$-module

Authors: Esmaeil Ansari-Piri, Reza Sanati download

5. A Note on existence of $\Psi -$bounded solutions for a nonhomogeneous matrix difference equation on $\mathbb{N}$

Author: Aurel Diamandescu download

6. Positive solution of system of third-order boundary value problem with three-point and integral boundary conditions

Author: Rochdi Jebari download

7. Three Dimensional Lorentzian Para $\alpha$-Sasakian Manifolds

Author: S. M. Bhati download

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