V.6 Issue 1

1. On generalized Sasakian space forms satisfying certain conditions on the concircular curvature tensor

Author: Mehmet Atceken download

2. Oscillation Criteria For Even-Order Nonlinear Neutral Differential Equations of Mixed Type

Authors: E. Thandapani, S. Padmavathi and S. Pinelas download

3. On k-quasi class $A_{n}^{*}$ operators

Authors: Ilmi Hoxha and Naim L. Braha download

4. An estimate of the double gamma function

Authors: Cristinel Mortici and Sorinel Dumitrescu download

5. The Kunze-Stein Phenomenon Associated With Jacobi-Dunkl convolution

Author: Abdessalem Gasmi download

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