V.5 Issue 4

1.Best approximation of functions of generalized Zygmund class by matrix-Euler summability means of Fourier series

Authors: Shyam Lal and Shireen download

2. Lightlike hypersurfaces with harmonic curvature in a Lorentzian space form

Authors: Suleyman Cengiz download

3. n-tupled coincidence and common fixed point results for weakly contractive mappings in complete metric spaces

Authors: Mohammad Imdad, Anupam Sharma and K. P. R. Rao download

4. Degree of approximation of conjugate of signals (functions) belonging to the generalized weighted Lipschitz $W(L_r,\psi(t))$, $(r\geq 1)$-class by $(C,1)(E, q)$ means of conjugate trigonometric Fourier series

Authors: Vishnu Narayan Mishra, Huzoor H. Khan, Kejal Khatri and Lakshmi Narayan Mishra download

5. Weighted composition operators between weighted Bergman and $S_p$ spaces

Author: Waleed Al-Rawashdeh download

6. Extended generalized hypergeometric functions and their applications

Authors: Min-Jie Luo and R. K. Raina download

7. Power of m-partial isometries on Hilbert spaces

Author: Sidi Hamidou Jah download

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