V.5 Issue 2

1. Fixed point theorems for set-valued generalized asymptotic contractions

Authors: S. N. Mishra, Rajendra Pant and S. Stofile download

2. Boehmians, Ultradifferential Operators and Abelian Type Theorems

Dennis Nemzer download

3.Some New Subclasses of Meromorphically Multivalent Functions Defined by Means of the Liu-Srivastava Operator

Authors: Li-Na Ma, Shu-Hai Li download

4.On the $q$-Bessel Fourier transform

Author: Lazhar Dhaouadi download

5.On convergence of a multi-step iteration process with errors for a finite family of quasi-nonexpansive multi-valued mappings

Author: Isa Yildirim download

6. The Fuzzy Lacunary $I-$ convergent of $\Gamma^{2}$ space defined by modulus

Authors: N. Subramanian, P. Anbalagan and P. Thirunavukarasu download

7. Tubular surface of Weingarten types in Galilean and pseudo-Galilean

Authors: Murat Kemal Karacan and Yilmaz Tuncer download

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