V.5 Issue 1

1. A Note on $\Psi$-Bounded Solutions for Non-homogeneous Matrix Difference Equations

Authors: G.Suresh Kumar, T.Srinivasa Rao and M.S.N.Murty download

2. Double Sine Series And Higher Order Lipschitz Classes of Functions

Authors: Dandan Han , Guocheng Li and Dansheng Yu download

3. Fixed point theorems in $N$-polygonal cone metric spaces

Authors: I. Gatica Araus, J. Lorenzo Ramirez download

4. On Weakly Ricci $\varphi$-symmetric $\delta$-Lorentzian trans-Sasakian manifolds

Author: S. M. Bhati download

5. Common fixed point results for $\psi$ - $\phi$ contractions in Rectangular Metric Spaces

Authors: Reny George, Rajagopalan R download

6. Representations for the generalized Drazin inverse in a Banach algebra

Authors: J. Benitez, X Liu and Y. Qin download

7. Difference of weighted composition operator from weighted Bergman spaces to weighted-type spaces

Author: Xiaohong Fu download

8. Finite Number Sums in Higher Order Powers of Harmonic Numbers

Author: Anthony Sofo download

9. Sufficient Conditions for Certain Subclasses of Meromorphic Multivalent Functions

Authors: J. K. Prajapat and Ambuj Kumar Mishra download

10. On $\epsilon $-Trans-Sasakian manifolds

Authors: Rajendra Prasad and Jai Prakash download

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