V.4 Issue 4

1. A generalization of a theorem of Banarjee and Thakur to two weakly compatible pairs of self-map

Authors: T. Phaneendra and Swatmaram download

2. A new method for solving the modified Helmholtz equation

Authors: T. Huy Nguyen, Phan Van Tri, Ho Vu, Ngo Van Hoa download

3. Periodic Solutions of Delayed Difference Equations

Author: Shilpee Srivastava download

4. New criteria for generalized weighted composition operators from mixed norm spaces into Bloch-type spaces

Author: Yanhua Zhang download

5. Subclasses of starlike functions involving Srivastava-Attiya Integral operator

Authors: Shigeyoshi Owa, G.Murugusundaramoorthy and N.Magesh download

6. An erratum to "Proving common fixed point theorems for Lipschitz type mappings via absorbing pairs"

Authors: D. Gopal, M. Imdad, M. Hasan, D. K. Patel download

7. Some properties of Lorentzian Sasakian manifolds with Tanaka-Webster connection

Authors: Mehmet Erdogan, Jeta Alo, Beran Pirincci and Gulsen Yilmaz download

8. Integral operators containing Sheffer polynomials

Authors: Sezgin Sucu and Ibrahim Buyukyazici download

9. Coincidence and fixed points in $G$-metric spaces

Authors: M. Alamgir Khan and Sunny Chauhan download

10. Some series identities for some special classes of Apostol-Bernoulli and Apostol-Euler polynomials related to generalized power and alternating sums

Authors: B.-J. Fugere, S. Gaboury, R. Tremblay download

11. Equivalent continuous g-frames in Hilbert C*-modules

Authors: A. Nazari and M. Rashidi-Kouchi download

12. On Generalized Conformal Maps

Authors: A. M. Cherif, H. Elhendi and M. Terbeche download

13. Null Sectional curvature pinching for Cr-Lightlike submanifolds of semi-Riemannian manifolds

Authors: Mohammed Jamali and Mohammad Hasan Shahid download

14. On some Qi type inequalities using fractional q-integral

Authors: Kamel Brahim and Hedi El Monser download

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