V.4 Issue 3

1. On a type of quarter-symmetric non-metric $\phi$-connection on a Kenmotsu manifold

Author: Ajit Barman download

2. Approximation of functions by matrix-Euler summability means of Fourier series in generalized Holder metric

Author: Shyam Lal and Shireen download

3. Fixed points of mappings defined on probabilistic modular spaces

Authors: Fatemeh Lael and Kourosh Nourouzi download

4. On a new application of almost increasing sequences

Author: W.T. Sulaiman download

5. Common Fixed Point Theorems in Menger Probabilistic Quasi-Metric Spaces

Authors: B. D. Pant, Mujahid Abbas and Sunny Chauhan download

6. Related fixed point theorems for two pairs of mappings on two symmetric spaces

Author: M.Aamri, S.Bennani, D. El Moutawakil download

7. Some properties of $m-$ projective curvature tensor in Kenmotsu manifolds

Authors: S. K. Chaubey, Shashi Prakash and R. Nivas download

8. Convergence in an impulsive advanced differential equations with piecewise constant argument

Authors: Gizem S. Oztepe and Huseyin Bereketoglu download

9. On an integral-type operator from mixed norm spaces to Zygmund-type spaces

Author: Yong Ren download

10. On the Convergence of Modified Three-Step Iteration Process for Generalized Contractive-Like Operators

Authors: H. Akewe and H. Olaoluwa download

11. Integral type modification for $q- $Laguerre polynomials

Authors: Gurhan Icoz, Serhan Varma and Fatma Tasdelen download

12. Invariant Submanifolds of Kenmotsu Manifolds admitting Quarter symmetric metric connection

Authors: B.S.Anitha and C.S.Bagewadi download

13. Remarks on coupled fixed point theorems in partially ordered metric spaces

Author: Erdal Karapinar download

14. Rate of \emph {A}-statistical approximation of a modified \emph {q}-Bernstein operators

Author: Shenggui Liu download

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