V.4 Issue 2

1. Fock spaces for the $q$-Bessel-Struve kernel

Author: Fethi Soltani download

2. Operators possessing properties $(gb)$ and $(gw)$

Authors: F. Lombarkia, H. Zariouh download

3. Certain Coefficient Inequalities for Sakaguchi Type Functions and Applications to Fractional Derivatives

Authors: B. Srutha Keerthi, V.G. Shanthi, B. Adolf Stephen download

4. Oscillation Criteria for a Class of Second Order Nonlinear Differential Equations with Damping

Authors: E. Tunc, H. Avci download

5. Common coupled fixed point results in partially ordered g-metric spaces

Authors: Zoran Kadelburg, Hemant Kumar Nashine, Stojan Radenovic download

6. Some coincidence and common fixed point theorems in cone metric spaces

Authors: S. K. Malhotra, S. Shukla and R. Sen download

7. Leibniz rules and integral analogues for fractional derivatives via a new transformation

Authors: J. Fugeere, S. Gaboury and R. Tremblay download

8. On bases in the space of vector valued entire dirichlet series of two complex variables

Authors: G. S. Srivastava and Archna Sharma download

9. Oscillation results for third order half-linear neutral difference equations

Authors: E.Thandapani and S.Selvarangam download

10. On $q$-integral transforms and their applications

Authors: Durmus Albayrak, Sunil Dutt Purohit and Faruk Ucar download

11. A note on Walsh-Fourier coefficients

Authors: K. N. Darji and R.G. Vyas download

12. Application of Holder's Inequality and Convolutions

Authors: S.P. Goyal, Onkar Singh download

13. Coupled coincidence point theorems for compatible mappings in partially ordered metric spaces

Authors: Saud M. Alsulami and Abdullah Alotaibi download

14. Coefficient estimates for certain new subclasses of starlike functions of complex order

Authors: Huo Tang, Guan-Tie Deng and Shu-Hai Li download

15. On a $q$-analogue of the one-dimensional heat equation

Authors: A. Fitouhi, N. Bettaibi, K. Mezlini download

16. The one dimensional heat equation as a first-order system:formal solutions by means of the Laplace transform

Authors: Heinz Toparkus download

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