V.3 Issue 4

1.On positive solution for a class of nonlinear elliptic systems with indefinite weights

Authors: G.A. Afrouzi, S. Khademloo, M. Mirzapour download

2. Curvature and rigidity theorems of submanifolds in a unit sphere

Authors: Shichang Shu, Yanyan Li download

3. New iterative methods based on spline functions for solving nonlinear equations

Author: Hadi Taghvafard download

4. Certain Inequalities Related to the Chebyshev's Functional Involving a Riemann-Liouville Operator

Authors: Zoubir Dahmani, Ouahiba Mechouar, Salima Brahami download

5. Remarks on the domination theorem for summing operators

Author: Antonio Nunes download

6. Some properties of LP-Sasakian manifolds equipped with $m-$projective curvature tensor

Author: S. K. Chaubey download

7. On solutions of a system of higher-order nonlinear fractional differential equations

Authors: Zhenyu Guo, Min Liu download

8. Growth and fixed-points of meromorphic solutions of higher-order nonhomogeneous linear differential equations

Author: Junfeng Xu download

9. Fixed point theorems for a class of contractions in metric spaces

Author: Gbenga Akinbo download

10. On quasi einstein manifolds admitting a ricci quartersymmetric metric connection

Authors: S.Altay Demirbag, H.Bagdatli Yilmaz, S. A.Uysal, F. Ozen Zengin download

11. Proving common fixed point theorems for lipschitz type mappings via absorbing pair

Authors: D. Gopal, M. Imdad, M. Hasan, D. K. Patel download

12. Oscillation theorems for dynamic equation on time scales

Author: M. Tamer Senel download

13. Existence results for three-point boundary value problems for second order impulsive differential equations

Authors: Mustapha Lakrib and Rahma Guen download

14. Iterative sequence of maps in a metric space with some chaotic properties

Authors: Indranil Bhaumik, Binayak S. Choudhury download

15. Generalized Weyl's theorem for an elementary operator

Author: Farida Lombarkia download

16. Modified Noor iterative methods for a family of strongly pseudocontractive maps

Authors: A.A. Mogbademu, J.O. Olaleru download

17. Strong convergence of Noor iteration for a general class of functions

Author: Alfred Olufemi Bosede download

18. Existence of positive radial solutions for some nonlinear elliptic systems

Authors: G.A. Afrouzi, T.A. Roushan download

19. Inclusion Properties for Certain k-Uniformly Subclasses of Analytic Functions Associated with Certain Integral Operator

Authors: M. K. Aouf and T. M. Seoudy download

20. On local property of absolute weighted mean summability of Fourier series

Author: Waad Sulaiman download

21. {q}-analogues of Saigo's fractional calculus operators

Authors: Mridula Garg, Lata Chanchlani download

22. A Fixed point result involving a generalized weakly contractive condition in $G$-metric spaces

Author: Hassen Aydi download

23. Some Further results on the Unique Range Sets Of Meromorphic Functions

Authors: Abhijit Banerjee and Sujoy Majumder download

24. Double Trigonometric Series and Zygmund Classes of Functions with Two Variables

Authors: Ruqian Guo, Dansheng Yu download

25. A Unique Common triple fixed point theorem in partially ordered cone metric spaces

Authors: K.P.R.Rao and G.N.V.Kishore download

26. Fractional Calculus on unified class of Spiral-Like Functions involving Srivastava-ATTIYA Operator

Authors: M.K.Aouf, G.Murugusundaramoorthy and K.Thilagavathi download

27. Application of an integral operator for p-valent Functions

Authors: Maslina Darus, Imran Faisal and Zahid Shareef download

28. Fekete-Szego problem for a class of complex order related to Salagean operator

Authors: S.P. Goyal, R. Kumar download

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