V.3 Issue 2

1. One-dimensional associated homogeneous distributions

Author: Ghislain Franssens download

2. On quasi-power increasing sequences general contractive condition of integral type

Author: Waad Sulaiman download

3. Simultaneous approximation by a linear combination of Bernstein-Durrmeyer type polynomials

Authors: Karunesh Kumar Singh and P. N. Agrawal download

4. On concircularly $\phi-$recurrent Kenmotsu manifolds

Author: Amit Prakash download

5. Existence of positive periodic solution of an impulsive delay fishing model

Authors:Dengguo Xu, Ying Huang and Lin Liang download

6. $\phi $ -conharmonically symmetric Sasakian manifolds

Authors: Ahmet YILDIZ and Mine TURAN download

7. Existence of solutions of mixed vector variational-like inequalities

Authors: Suhel Ahmad Khan, Farhat Suhel download

8. A common fixed point of Ishikawa iteration with errors for two quasi-nonexpansive multi-valued maps in Banach spaces

Authors: Watcharaporn Cholamjiak, Suthep Suantai download

9. The higher duals of a Banach algebra induced by a bounded linear functional


10. On a type of Riemannian manifold

Author: Musa A.A. Jawarneh download

11. Refinements of Choi-Davis-Jensen's inequality

Authors: M. Khosravi, J.S. Aujla, S.S. Dragomir, M.S. Moslehian download

12. A Fixed Point Theorem Via Generalized $W$-distance

Author: Sushanta Kumar Mohanta download

13. On a magnetic Ginzburg-Landau type energy with weight

Authors: Hassen Aydi, Habib Yazidi download

14. New Results On the Closedness of the Product and Sum of Closed Linear Operators

Authors: A. Azzouz, B. Messirdi, G. Djellouli download

15. On a new subfamilies of analytic and univalent functions with negative coefficient with respect to other points

Authors: OLATUNJI S.O. and OLADIPO A. T. download

16. Further Results on Fractional Calculus of Srivastava Polynomials

Authors: Praveen Agarwal, Shilpi Jain download

17. Spectrum of a $k${th}-order slant Hankel operator

Authors: S. C. Arora, Jyoti Bhola download

18. Proper extensions of a certain class of Carleman operators

Authors: Hafida BENDAHMANE, Berrabah BENDOUKHA download

19. Position vectors of general helices in Euclidean 3-space

Author: Ahmad T. Ali download

20. Riemannian manifolds with a semi-symmetric non-metric connection satisfying some semisymmetry conditions

Authors: Y. Dogru, C. Ozgur and C. Murathan download

21. On the class of $n$-power quasi-normal operators on Hilbert space

Author: Ould Ahmed Mahmoud Sid Ahmed download

22. Compact Multiplication Operators on Nonlocally Convex Weighted Spaces of Continuous Functions

Author: J. S. Manhas download

23. Modified variational iteration method for heat equation using He's polynomials

Authors: M. Matinfar, M. Saeidy, Z. Raeisi download

24. Some convergence results for sequences of operators in Banach spaces

Author: Memudu Olaposi Olatinwo download

25. Almost contact metric manifolds admitting semi-symmetric non-metric connection

Author: S. K. Chaubey download

26. Positive solutions for a periodic boundary value problem without assumptions of monotonicity and convexity

Authors: Fuli Wang, Fang Zhang download

27. Strassen's Matrix Multiplication Algorithm for Matrices of Arbitrary Order

Author: Ivo Hedtke download

28. Some properties of Quarter-symmetric non-metric connection on an almost contact metric manifold

Author: S. K. Chaubey download

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