V.15 Issue 4

1. Orthogonal stability of generalized cube root functional inequality in three variables: A fixed point approach

Authors: Eena Gupta and Renu Chugh download

2. Class of operators related to $(\alpha,\beta)$-Class $(\mathcal{Q})$ operators

Authors: Aydah Mohammed Ayed Al-Ahmadi, Nouf Maqbul Saqer Alruwaili and Sid Ahmed Ould Ahmed Mahmoud download

3. On inverse source problem for Sobolev equation with Mittag-Leffler kernel in $L^r$ space

Authors: Bui Duc Nam, Le Xuan Dai, Le Dinh Long, Nguyen Hoang Tuan download

4. On Difference Fuzzy Anti $\lambda$-Ideal Convergent Double Sequence Spaces

Authors: Manal Al-Labadi, Saranya S, Yasmeen, Mohammad Imran Idrisi download

5. On $L^1$-convergence of modified complex trigonometric sums with new generalized classes

Authors: Sandeep Kaur Gill, Jatinderdeep Kaur, S.S. Bhatia download

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