V.13 Issue 1

1. $\mathcal{I}_2$-Statistically and $\mathcal{I}_2$-Lacunary Statistically Convergent Double Set Sequences of Order $\eta$

Authors: U. Ulusu, E. Gulle download

2. On the convergence of a fifth-order iterative method in Banach spaces

Authors: Gagandeep, Rajni Sharma and I. K. Argyros download

3. Identifying the unknown source of time fractional diffusion equation on a columnar symmetric domain

Author: Le Dinh Long download

4. Uncountable $k$-Bessel and $k$-Hilbert systems in nonseparable Banach spaces

Authors: M.I. Ismailov, S.I. Jafarova download

5. On a class of analytic multivalent functions in $q$-analogue associated with lemniscate of bernoulli

Authors: Bakhtiar Ahmad, Maslina Darus, Nasir Khan, Raees Khan, Muhammad Ghaffar Khan download

6. Totally - measurability on signed measurable spaces for quasi-normed spaces valued functions

Author: Enkeleda Zajmi Kotonaj download

7. Existence of Fixed Point by using F-contraction and F-Suzuki contraction in Modular Function Spaces

Authors: Reena and Anju Panwar download

8. Stability of various iterative type functional equations in menger $\varphi-$ normed spaces

Authors: Jyotsana Jakhar, Renu Chugh, Jagjeet Jakhar download

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