V.12 Issue 1

1. Rough $\Delta \mathcal{I}_{2}$-Statistical Convergence of Double Sequences in Normed Linear Spaces

Authors: Omer Kisi and Hatice Kubra Unal download

2. Existence results for generalized exponential vector variational-like inequalities in fuzzy environment

Authors: Mohammad Farid, Syed Shakaib Irfan, Iqbal Ahmad and Preeti Shukla download

3. Multi-valued variational inclusion problem in Hadamard manifolds

Authors: Mohammad Dilshad, Mohammad Akram download

4. Predual of $M^{p,\alpha}(\mathbb(R)^{d})$ spaces

Author: Berenger Akon Kpata download

5. A dispersion inequality and accumulated Spectrograms in the Weinstein Setting

Author: Khaled Hleili download

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