V.10 Issue 3

1.Rough convergence in 2-normed spaces

Authors: Mukaddes Arslan and Erdinc Dundar download

2.Gap functions and error bounds for random extended generalized variational inequality problem

Authors: A.H. Dar and M.K. Ahmad download

3.On some fixed point results in extended strong $b-$metric spaces

Authors: Badr ALQAHTANI, Erdal KARAPINAR and Farshid Khojasteh download

4. Some results on implicit multistep fixed point iterative schemes for contractive-like operators in convex metric spaces

Authors: O. T. Wahab and K. Rauf download

5. Some properties of New Modified Sz\'asz-Mirakyan operators in polynomial weight spaces via power summability method

Authors: N.L. Braha download

BMATHAA Bulletin