V.10 Issue 2

1. Existence Results for Semilinear Fractional Differential Inclusions with State-Dependent Delay

Authors: H. Hammouche, K. Guerbati, A. Boutoulout download

2. Stability of a linear integro-differential equation of first order with variable delays

Authors: Cemil Tunc and Irem Akbulut download

3. Asymptotic behavior and oscillation of solutions of third order neutral dynamic equations with distributed deviating arguments

Authors: Orhan Ozdemir and Ercan Tunc download

4. Set Valued Contraction of Suzuki-Edelstein-Wardowski Type and Best Proximity Point Results

Authors: Azhar Hussain, Muhammad Adeel, Tanzeela Kanwal and Nazra Sultana download

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