V.10 Issue 1

1. A relation-theoretic $(F,\mathcal{R})$-contraction principle with applications to matrix equations

Authors: M. Imdad, Q. H. Khan, W. M. Alfaqieh and R. Gubran download

2. Faber Polynomials Coefficient Estimates for Bi-univalent Sakaguchi Type Functions

Authors: Palanichamy Murugabharathi, Bhaskara Srutha Keerthi and Teodor Bulboaca download

3. Common Fixed Point Theorems for Multivalued Mappings on Metric Spaces with a Directed Graph

Authors: Jamshaid Ahmad, Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei download

4. Existence Results for Solution of Fractional Differential Equations in Abstract Spaces

Author: Ghaus ur Rahman download

5.k-Fractional integral inequalities for harmonically convex functions via Caputo k-fractional derivatives

Authors: A. Waheed, G. Farid, A. Ur Rehman and W. Ayub download

6. On a uniqueness condition for $CR$ functions on hypersurfaces

Author: Abtin Daghighi download

7. Order-theoretic common Fixed point results for $F$-contractions

Authors: R. Gubran, M. Imdad, I. A. Khan and W. M. Alfaqieh download

8. Computational coupled fixed points for $\huge \Theta -$ contractive mappings in metric spaces endowed with a graph

Authors: Zubaria Aslam, Jamshaid Ahmad, Nazra Sultana download

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