Balkan Journal of Geometry 
and Its Applications 

Volume 9 (2004), No. 2
ISSN 1224-2780
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  1. V. Ciancio, M. Francaviglia and P. Rogolino,

  2. Elastic-plastic deformation of a single crystal in a geometrized theory of thermodynamic spaces with internal variables,
    pages: 1-12, AMS Subject Classification: 53Z05, 53B50.
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  3. Dorel Fetcu,

  4. Maps between Almost Kahler Manifolds and Framed \varphi-Manifolds,
    pages: 13-24, AMS Subject Classification: 53C15, 53C25, 53C43.
    ZIPped PS fileZIPped PDF file
  5. Iulia Elena Hirica and Adela Mihai,

  6. Some properties of a closed concircular almost contact manifold,
    pages: 25-35, AMS Subject Classification: 53D15, 53C15.
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  7. Mircea Neagu and Ileana Rodica Nicola,

  8. Geometric dynamics of calcium oscillations ODEs systems,
    pages: 36-67, AMS Subject Classification: 53C43, 53C07, 37J35, 83C22.
    ZIPped PS file ZIPped PDF file
  9. Dumitru Daniel Porosniuc,

  10. A class of locally symmetric Kahler Einstein structures on the nonzero cotangent bundle of a space form,
    pages: 68-81, AMS Subject Classification: 53C07, 53C15, 53C55.
    ZIPped PS file ZIPped PDF file
  11. Shu Shichang and Liu Sanyang,

  12. Complete space-like submanifolds with constant scalar curvature in a de Sitter space,
    pages: 82-91, AMS Subject Classification: 53C42,53A10.
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  13. Dae Won Yoon,

  14. A basic inequality of submanifolds in quaternionic space forms,
    pages: 92-102, AMS Subject Classification: 53B25, 53B35.
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  15. Pawel Zylinski,

  16. Cooperative guards in the fortress problem,
    pages: 103-119, AMS Subject Classification: 68U05.
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